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The parents belonging to low -income groups think that their children will increase their incomes by doing even odd jobs. Moreover, the use of contraceptives has been practically unknown, particularly in rural areas.
The family planning workers can bring him in by slow and steady methods.
The republicans are changing their approach in their war on reproductive and privacy rights. A recent bill passed on the Arizona Senate floor will prevent tortuous claims on physicians who withhold results from prenatal screens.
Under population is a situation where the population is too small relative to the available resources. While over population refers to a situation where the population exceeds the available resources of a country. As a result of overpopulation, people will compete for the available re...
You can scare people by talking about India's population. People particularly from the West tend to think of India in terms of "population explosion" or "population bomb". It is nothing but an irrational fear. Population numbers are certainly too large for comfort, but knowing ground ...
The message of the World Population Conference, Bucharest, 1974 was “Development is the best contraceptive”. But in order to reduce the negative impact of on women climate change, I think, “contraceptive is one of the best alternatives.”
Vasectomy is one of many birth control available in our time. This is the most effective birth control for the couples who wants to stop pregnancy. I my self experience the effectiveness of this method of birth control. I been married for more than 14 years and I have two sons.
Birth of babies during relationship, long term or short term what ever! Attention those teenagers who are living with the term of long term relation ship and producing illegitimate children. Maybe your illegitimate child will sue for his/her losses.
Conventional family planning methods have side effects on human health that would be prevented by using natural methods. Forget the condom, forget the coil, forget those pills. Try natural family planning.
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