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It's always a treat to read you Caol Ma'am. So often we have all experienced rainy days and no umbrella I recall once in a distant village no find out (INCREDIBLE U CAN'T ever GUESS it)
Day nursery or kindergarten introduces your child to children of the same age, new adults, and new set of discipline.
Your child acquires an understanding of other people through relationships with family , friends of all ages, and strangers. Your child learns how to fit in with others, how to make friends, and how to show consideration.
Christophe never felt like he belonged in his family, especially since his mother didn't want him in the first place. So after staying a night at a friend's, he goes searching for something else.
This post is about the information I learned when I did my history search.
Just telling you what I am up to this week while visiting with my folks...
One of the most amazing blessings I will be forever thankful is my family. From birth until now where I am entering the serious life of adulthood, they have always been with me. My family has sacrificed and supported me in my quest to success and self-realization.
Mother and Father have asked me for days if I'd like to go with them on Sunday to Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy. Aunty Saffy is Father's mother's sister. I had such resistance in me. I was almost angry at them. But why though?
After coming from Studio C this morning, Mother and I find Father working on getting breakfast ready. He's just returned from his aeroplane factory where, now that Petros is here, he is joined by Petros in his efforts.
This poetry reveals the seasonal changes as one moves on from the heat of summer to the milder temperatures through to winter in waiting
Love is a powerful word. But, if you don't know, it's true meaning, it means nothing at all.
Just another day of what I go through, see, experience, and feel as a 20 year old college student trying to find purpose in life.
How can reading compete with the world of technology? This generation of children are fortunate to be part of the technology explosion and to be technophiles, but parents and carers it is also vitally essential for children to know how to be creative and to use their imaginations.
I wrote this poem for my Son-In-Law Simon, because I wanted to do something original for his Birthday and to be perfectly honest it only cost me 20 minutes in time. He loved this unique gift and found the poem funny
My daughter Petra got married to the love of her life Simon, on 5th April 2014 and it was truly a momentous day for me and the rest of my family. I had to write a speech, as I was the Mother of the bride. I had to write 2 speeches in the end, as I forgot the original speech at home an...
My son is 38 years old and he still lives at home with me. He did move out with his girlfriend for five short months, though. He was 19 years old when he fathered a child. The mother was only 18. Here were two kids having kids
This is a poem about my wife's Aunt who was the last one of her parents generation to pass.
At the time watching The Idol contest on TV that aired in various countries , it turns out we watched the family intimacy of the participants is a key part of their success
A visit with my dear Ms Jane today gave me much insight to what I already knew.
Showing children the meaning behind true communication with them will hopefully one day prove most rewarding for their children and themselves.
Our children are increasingly helpless within their own schools. See a new sample books that are invading the classrooms in order not only to spread homosexuality and bisexuality but also the now to stimulate children from 9 to 10 years to have sex. The book is suggested by the MEC di...
This story is not only funny but it's also true. A dedication to my sweet grandmother.
Cell phones are becoming the third player in intimate relationships,but at what cost?
Has a bright child is a dream of every parent. To that end, a variety of information about how to make a child smarter much sought after by parents.
This is a story about a dear friend of mine, and at the same time it is my story as well.
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