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In part one of the article Food, we discussed the fact that everyone needs food to survive. A study of the Holy Scriptures or Old Testament reveals famine was known to many. God provided abundantly to His people so they could meet the needs of the less fortunate, the widows, foreigner...
The world today is facing very dire conditions. Global famine and acute fresh water shortages will trigger more violence and bloodshed if these conditions remain.
Leonardtown colonists believed Moll Dyer to be a witch who had cast an evil spell over them. Irritated that she appeared to be of sound health while the rest of the citizens were meeting their demise by record numbers, Moll Dyer was pulled out of her home by the angry colonists and se...
Friendship is an asset to the persons who have large number of friends in the society.Like -minded persons are eager to make friend ships with one another. It is essential to make friendship with to sustain the life in the society.
How acute hunger pains are affecting children in Africa and other countries around the world.
The world is running on empty with the inadequate supply of fresh water being made available to stave off a global disaster.
The depths of global hunger and the numbers of overweight individuals has only increase in recent years.
The other four horsemen are already marching all across the world.
Any account of French Revolution makes exciting reading. It was the forerunner of many revolutions in the world.
This is a poem about growing old. The hands of time chase us through our whole lives, but we do your best to prolong the inevitable.
Too many people go hungry in this world. The young children are helpless to feed themselves. My own sister ate out of garbage cans when her times were hard. I never knew this until she died. I went 5 days without food myself. I was so weak I had a hard time standing up. You could ...
No doubt, children suffer most from the cost of poverty. Children, more than ever before are homeless, and are often turned away by public schools because they lack permanent addresses, proof of age and immunisation records. They can hardly find the next scrap of food to eat.
If we all did out bit, and realised how much our Earth is suffering, we could all make a change. It just starts with one man, and one step.. We hold the world in our hands. We have plundered and caused devastation to our climate, now let the healing begin...
This one of a kind aurthor, has established poetry also, in this magnificent field of writting. One must read, to take heed.
I recently read certain verses in the Bible and they seem to be very similar to those that the world seem to be experiencing now.
The immediate consequences of famine are weight loss in adults and retarded growth in children. Deaths are due in part to starvation, in part to diminished ability to fight infection. One of the most dramatic large-scale consequences of famine is population migration.
Find out what to do in case of being trap alone in the middle of the desert or sinking ship without any food. The following techniques could help you live longer and avoid being victim of starvation.
“Are you ready to start evolution? Are you ready to change history?” These were the words of Madonna as she walked onto the stage of the London Live 8 concert. On 3rd July 2005, Live 8 concerts were held in ten cities around the globe.
A description of Card Stacking as a technique of propaganda.
This article looks at drought, famine and disease in 19th century Lesotho.
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