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The seemingly one-sided relationship between fans and football clubs.
This last weekend we travelled to Peterborough for a Gareth Gates gig Read on to find out more.
After the disappointment of losing a dominant win in Baku when his headrest became loose, and then being given a five second grid penalty in Austria, Lewis Hamilton opted to take some time out for himself, to get prepared for his home race at Silverstone. Read on to find out if it ...
Because of my work as a travelling author, most of my social events tend to be book signings. But last Friday I took a night off to attend a Gareth gates gig. Read on to find out more about it
Lewis Hamilton's season has been fraught with engine failures this year. He has praised his team mate for doing all he had to , and winning the championship. But how about his team? Did they let their star driver down?
Proboards the site for Gareth Gates fans continues to flourish after five years. So does the career of the man himself. Read on to find out more.
Do you use fans? Did you ever hear of the belief of South Korea and what they believe about fans? You may believe it or not. I never heard of them thinking that way. But I find it interesting.
I have been seeing many articles on the above subject. I thought it would be in the fitness of things if I also give my two cents worth about the various sites that pay money.
Gareth Gates commenced his November Tour this week, and I was at the Birmingham Venue to see him on Monday. We were all aware he had been ill and lost his voice, so would he be able to continue? Read on to find out what happened.
I travelled to Gravesend on Sunday to see Gareth Gates at the Woodville. Read on to find out more about it.
Diehard horror fans, thrill seekers, zombie hunters and lovers of all things paranormal will undoubtedly come to life and thrive at the Evans City Cemetery where George A. Romero shot most of his iconic movie "The Night of the Living Dead, catapulting the Steel City into the classic s...
Mail sent to a famous person or celebrity addresses from his or her fans.
When I look at recently published posts I am always filled with EXCITEMENT when I discover a writer that I don't know who has just published something. Yet this feeling could be related somewhat to the pot-luck at the carnival because you never know whether the prize is good, bad, or ...
In 2008 Lewis Hamilton won the BritIsh Grand prix in wet and rainy conditions. This year after a disappointing qualifying which saw him 6th on the grid, could he even contemplate it again.?
Last week in Australia during the first race of the Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton had to retire due to mechanical failure. He had qualified on pole, and although up beat afterwards, one can only imagine how bad he must have felt. This week in Malaysia, once again he qualified on...
Metallica is loved and hated. They have made good music, so people ask 'what's with the hate?' Here I'll explain why.
The last series of Dancing on Ice was on ITV tonight, and with it came the cream of past competitors. As a Gareth Gates fan I watched with nervous trepidation to see if he could go through. Read on to find out more.
iTune have the songs for beyonce and its new style and new trendy songs, beyonce news in this post
Yesterday I went to the Capitol at Horsham to see Gareth Gates, Live and Unplugged, and what a night it was! Read on to find out more.
The song is a tribute to great Roger Federer who finds himself unsettled by recent defeats on court.Is he suffering from an inkling of self-doubt?
The history of House Arryn from the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R R Martin. Also adapted for TV into Game of Thrones.
After doing the fastest lap in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday, Lewis Hamilton said it would take a miracle to win, as the Mercedes car is struggling for pace on the Pirelli tyres. Read on to find out what happened.
Proboards is now in it's second year, and is constantly changing. Read on to find out more about it.
Mustang 26 year old Ukranian a true life Spider man, he does not know about fear when he is do dangerous and extreme sports climbing of towers and buildings
Last night saw the start of the nationwide tour of Boogie Nights. Read on to find put more about it.
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