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short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !
Wishing for something that's in hands reach but can't grab it
We were established with good principles, but have now gotten off course and ventured far afield from what our Founding Fathers wanted. We must get back on the right path started so long ago!
This is one man's recollection of the time he and his wife has spent together, and the love they share.
Financial Accounting and Reporting Lesson 3: Introduction to Income Statement
Financial Accounting and Reporting lesson 2: Introduction to the Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Accounting
This one was inspired by a certain time in my experiences where it didn’t leave my head that fast. It stayed in my head for a little while until I wrote this. Think about the poem in a symbolic manner. What does the whistle resemble? Just a small push to get the reader started……...
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