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Danielle is sick with worry. Max has been missing for two day. The newscasters are referring to the flood as the hundred year flood. Danielle's grandfather used to speak of a flood like this when he was a little boy.
The rains have turned into a flood in the valley. Max and Jake have gone out in the storm. The farmhouse is on a hill and Danielle has remained behind where she is safe. She has spent a sleepless night waiting for Max's return.
A short story of relationships in a farming village called Thorn Grove and how these relationships prosper/progress or are threatened by certain events
This post has been written about the country way of life before the land enclosure laws enforced in the late eighteenth century. This part of our history is not well documented. This era is a passion of mine as the lands were free and opened there were many more plants and flowers, ma...
"I believe that there's some kind of large creature lurking inside that barn. I also suspect it has a hold over you. That's why you keep it hidden away. Am I right?"
"Alan, I think you're the one that's afraid. I'm positive there's an evil presence here at Chichevache farm. It's been watching over us from the moment we arrived."
Alan left the room in a huff, slamming the door on his way out. Now was her chance. She had to avail herself this opportunity.
As for the name, 'Chichevache' I'm just as ignorant about that as you are. I do know that it derives from France," He quipped. "Any more questions, Mrs Stone?"
I get the impression that this place has been unlived in for quite a few years." Said Kate.
I leave behind the one thing that is more dear to me than my very life: Chichevache Farm. It's now yours, my son.
I've taken the liberty of enclosing a parcel, he handed down to me for safe-keeping
This page describes my life on a small farm in Gilmer County West Virginia USA.
Robert Frost ,an American poet -was much read and admired for his description of the rural life of New England.His selection of rural subjects has made his work easy to understand.
A silly tale about a mop and bucket, with a moral at the end.
Mark and Shelby took a short trip to the next town to deliver a parcel. But on their way back, it starts to rain. In fact, it's a downpour. And their town was still miles away. But then spot a farm and decide, why not take shelter their until the rain stops? So, they walk through th...
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