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The United States is now a fascist state run by the corporate world.
Joseph Goebbels wrote out the script for fascist totalitarianism in the 1920s, and Donald Trump is following it to the letter.
Sir Oswald Mosley was a Fascist; Donald Trump has been called one. But that is where the resemblance ends.
Donald Trump, as well as most of the other Republicans running for the Republican presidential nomination are playing fast and loose with their tongues, and the results of their crazy talk have oftentimes been disastrous.
Democrats are having fun these days watching the Republican clown car being run off the rails by Donald Trump, but maybe they should not be laughing quite so hard.
Chris Hedges, America's foremost social critic, was fired from the New York Times because he dared speak truth to power. Years later, he is still on a mission to expose corruption wherever it exists. (He never runs out of material.)
The mid-term elections over, the Republicans victorious, and America now becomes fully owned and operated by a corporate oligarchy.
Criticizing is NOT racism. However in America and around, dissenting opinion has become synonymous with bigotry, racism, and other such stuff
Yesterday's verdict in an Occupy Wall Street protester's trial makes a mockery of justice as it warns all of us: if you dissent we will crush you.
This is the fifth part of a series about capitalism, democracy, and the rights of the individual, which covers the types of nations that we have around the world in the modern era. This definition should be understood as a crucial part of this series, as is the next part, the types of...
Fourteen states over the past three years have enacted "Ag-gag laws" to silence anyone who would expose animal cruelty in the agricultural industry.
Sunderland's sacking of Paolo Di Canio was an inevitability at some point this season. His original appointment was a mistake; is his quick-fire departure similarly wrong? How will Sunderland recover? And where will Di Canio end up?
This article explores how America long ago was set upon an inevitable journey toward becoming a fascist, neo-liberal, corporate state.
This is part two of a brief history of how America has now become a fascist, corporate state.
If we fail to reign in and stop unfettered capitalism, civilization is doomed - and soon.
We now live in a fully corporate, authoritarian, warfare state, but many are yet to notice.
As the empire collapses, the corporate elite steal all they can on the way down, aided and abetted by the greatest charlatan of our times - Barack Obama.
The violent childhood of the fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini is explored, including some truly horrifying tales of how the future ally of one Adolf Hitler began his violent and ruthless rise to become 'Il Duce'.
The signs of a crumbling American empire are all around us, and we shall soon need to find a new way to live if we are going to survive.
While it's gone largely unnoticed by the vast masses of Americans, the nation has become a fascist state.
The Second World War is typically presented through a sharp dichotomy between the victorious Allied powers and the vanquished Nazi-led Axis. The sickening Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities take centre stage, a focus certainly justified, but other acts of barbarity claiming millions ...
Benito Mussolini was a leader in his own right. He was the mentor of Hitler, but towards the fag end of his rule he was reduced to being just a shadow of Hitler, having suffered a total eclipse.
This poem was very complex to write. It is also one of my most longest (but I hope the reader doesn't get turned off by that because this is a pretty good piece that is worth the time). However this poem was built off of metaphors and some the many dark things that I see occurring in ...
This poem was actually on my mind for a little while. I just didn't know how to write it, nor did I have the time to write it. I decided to bring back my darkness and put it into a new poem to basically assure my readers that nothing much has changed. Although I've been trying to look...
This poem came from an image that I saw. That image inspired this poem, in short. I twisted the poem up with some chilling messages and my typical darkness in poetry. In that, I created this poem. Comments are open.
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