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Looking to give your wardrobe a much-needed refresh for summer? Look no further than summer 2018’s hottest women’s fashion trends! From flowy dresses to floral print and everything in between, this summer is the season of taking chances and trying new looks. Here are five stylish ...
Create your own clothing, these are some of the wonderful reasons why you should set your own fashion in the world.
We only live once. YOLO. Lets try out something new. Explore everything under the sun.
This article is about costumes in general, how to choose the best costume and factors to consider, types of costumes
A fashion stylist don’t just mix and match clothing, they have to do more then that to make an outfit work!
In the computer world today, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of already existing games. Still many more are added to the already huge library every day.
We are getting close to the spring fashion line-up. I have been digging around, and there is a lot of chat about what to expect in the new year. Fashion and color trends that are in store for the 2012 year, will some forecasts stay or go? You decide!
I recently saw media clip on a young woman from Arizona named Charity who started her own collection of prom dresses. She felt compelled to make the collection because she could find no modest prom dresses that fit into her standards.
Make Your Old Threads Come to Life in A Unique Way
You can look good in your clothes even if you are a skinny woman. The trick here is to choose and wear the right clothes. Have fun making yourself adorable and attractive. Here are some fashion tricks for girls with too thin bodies.
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