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If you have been eating junk food all your life, you may find that developing healthy eating habit is a tough task. You can feel your body disintegrating, and life is getting less and less enjoyable. However, you want to enjoy life to the fullest and see your kids through college at t...
The modern lifestyle is changing into more consumerist. Eating habits are changing. A kitchen, which was mainly used for cooking and sharing experience is losing its place in the modern culture, promoted by globalized commercialism. What happens to our kitchens?
There has been much attention on the pay of fast food workers. Here is the solution:
A fast food job can lead to a great career. Here's some advice on how to make that happen.
McDonalds CEO managed to drop 20 pounds while eating at McDonalds daily.
And there you probably was, thinking that the coffee was way too hot in fast food restaurants...
This review concerns the Carl's Jr. fast food restaurant in San Bernardino, California.
A disgusting find by a young man eating at his local McDonalds.
What does fast food and love really have in common in life?
Infertility is on the increase among modern women. Many women are developing complaints of infertility due to various factors. Most of them are affected by the modern lifestyle changes and changes in food habits. Is there any possibility to improve this situation and help the infertil...
Dental problems are on the increase in the recent decades. Dental care is very vital to maintain good health because dental diseases may lead to other serious problems. Dental problems of the adolescents are not the same as that of adults.
We all grew up feasting and cruising at the Golden Arches. But, as the decades zip by and the body starts to plunge.....McDonalds is the first to be sacrificed.
Fat belly is a worrying problem among most of the modern Americans. They want to shed their belly fat but many of them do not succeed. They have to change their diet style if they want to succeed.
Global food crisis as ever happened in 2007-2008 has threatened the world. But obesity cases also rose sharply and has reached the point of emergency. What is the cause and what's the solution?
Where are you in the diabetic circle? In or out? Diabetes is an alarming disease increasing all over the world. Unless it is checked it may devour the whole world soon. Medical world is seriously searching for new strategies to check this growing menace.
This page is about eating junk items we must avoid junk food addictions.
One of my favourite meals is popcorn chicken and potato wedges but, I just couldn't handle all the grease so I decided to make a healthier version at home instead.
A young girl in Australia was paralyzed and suffered brain damage after eating a Twister wrap
This is a small article on an item you may never of heard of which is hidden off the McDonalds menu.
When you eat a MacDonald's hamburger, you are not eating food.
This article is about fast food addiction, we must avoid this kind of unwanted addiction to keep our health in a good manner
Eating is associated with almost all diseases of mankind as well as its guardian of health. Irresponsible eating habits shall determine the onset or severity of certain diseases.
Here, I really want to write something about where every Filipino can relate-the Jollibee Foods Corp. Get to know more about this undisputed giant of the Philippine fast-food industry.
Every obese person wants to reduce weight. But what happens if all women lose their curves and wear zero size dresses?
Taking care of yourself while you’re on the road will not just happen on its own. A good diet requires planning, motivation, and determination.
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