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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
A page where a stream of poem runs in the body creating goosebumps, motivating you in life,a feeling of being loved and loving others to get nurtured in our genes and standing ahead in the long run shattering all the hurdles and standing under the spotlight.
Appreciate what you have, some people might be needing them more than you. :)
A poem dedicated to my father, whose life was cut short yet left a memorable impression in my life.
When you have a father raising his daughter, some things she learns might not be what mom would have taught her. These are a single father's suggestions.
this poem is about my dad after he had heart surgery i thought to myself all the time and id look at him feeling so bad i would remember times he came on his bike so one day he caught looking out the window and sensed what i thought of him that my dad will never ride again so he did ...
A daughter remembers her father and tells of his childhood during the war.
A father is confronted by the fact that everything he taught his young daughter does not reflect the type of life he has led or the person he is.
It is almost impossible not to let a tear drop whenever I think about my dad. He was a strict dad when I was young. He was mostly out of the country to finish his Masters Degree, Ph.D. and Post Doctorate degree in Marine Biology. He was a scholar under the Japanese foundation- +MOMBU...
An out of the line off beat poem to cheer up those whose fathers are in heaven
My Dad taught me how to grow a flower, how to watch a horse race and how to treat others. As we celebrate Father's Day weekend, let's pause to remember how much our fathers taught us.
My father is my friend, philosopher and guide. He has always been there for me and helped me along in my journey through life. Even though he is not here today, he is there with me always in my heart.
We sometimes take for granted the relationships between father and child, although some don't get along as father and child, son or daughter, I find that most children love and respect their father. Sometimes children will respect them and call them Dad.......
A Fathers day poem I have written on behalf of my baby for her first Fathers day so a bit personal :)
I buried this poem in a card tucked under my fathers hand, just above his heart. On the envelope, DADDY-O
A heart felt poem about a father who remains humble through life.
This poem is about my dad whom I considered as the very first man I ever loved.. :D
This poem is about a father who had prayed to have another daughter after 19 years of not having one. His emotions are clearly expressed in this poem. This poem is also for all the men who had been waiting for the arrival of their daughters and sons.
This 29 page short story is the prequel to the 22 page short story "Sean and Sheila". This is also the first out of a five part storyline ("Sean and Sheila" is the third part). I brought back a few characters from "Sean and Sheila" and introduce new ones to the storyline.This story, I...
Parents, God's biggest present to us. Infant to teenager and then an adult, we are like clay in their hands. They make us what we are. In my future lives too, I want them to be my guiding force. Here's a Birthday gift for you, Dad.
The intensiveness and the vulnerability of relations make them them the most elusive and sought after asset of this world.
This is a tribute to my 92 year old (Italian) Dad on Father's Day who had so much love, wisdom and talent to offer!
Never be stuck for a father's day gift idea again, here is something for everyone.
My dad was not religious in the conventional sense, but he was a true believer never-the-less.
'Where are the fathers, the responsible ones Where are the fathers, have they helped to raise their sons Look at the daughters, do you see the violation Do you need more demonstration Are you really even bothered Tell me where, where are the fathers' (TD Jakes)
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