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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
A page where a stream of poem runs in the body creating goosebumps, motivating you in life,a feeling of being loved and loving others to get nurtured in our genes and standing ahead in the long run shattering all the hurdles and standing under the spotlight.
The bond between a father and his son is sublime and is the subject of study of many psychologists. However, there are fathers of different types, and their responses towards their offspring vary.
Stuart and Cedar Anderson are father and son developed to extract the honey via taps from honeycomb cells without disturbing the bees. They have spent 10 years to develop this honeycomb cell box.
Adam's brother Lawrence and his pregnant girlfriend make plans to get married. Adam is pleased that he is considered too young to be in the wedding party.
November, 27th, was my Father’s birthday. My Father always looked at the good things.We lost him in 1979. He would have been one 116 years old. “Just think of all the good things this country has given the world”. “All the progress we have made working together” he used to ...
This is about earning reputation in the society which I have learned from my father. You must adopt these tips like me and I am sure about the success of these ways.
Being west people and wild, my son and I drove to L.A. to see a band play, The Kills, they call themselves, just a boy and girl. It was good for us, we found our hearts again.
This is a poem about Woodsman's son and his fiddle. He loves to play and he plays as much as he can.
My father was an alcoholic and a bastard. He taught me a lot about what not to be when I became a father.
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
This tells about the relationship of a father to his son and how messed up the life of the son for being "lost" without his father's love.
Native way of life sends a father and son on a first time exploration of a lesson to be learned. "Love the land from which you take from."
Fathers are regular human beings who strive to make it in this world. It doesn't mean they are any more enlightened than you. Fathers must grow up and become wise by the very experience they gain in growing up.
An out of the line off beat poem to cheer up those whose fathers are in heaven
Ever wish you could go back and say the things you needed to say when someone was alive? Here are my thought to my departed father, and my regrets at thing left unsaid.
Short story of love gone wrong and childhood interupted
This article provides real life application for demonstrating acts of love, primarily for family but applicable across all relational contexts. Attention is directed to communication through phone calls, asking questions and writing letters.
This is a tribute to the man who raised me. We haven't always saw eye to eye. It's only been in the last few years that we have began to get along. This occurred after I understood his intentions were only pure.
This is the most inspiring story ever. It tears people hearing this story.
The prodigal's father has been waiting - longing to see if his son will return - and one day he sees a figure in the distance ....could it be him ?
Fathers never stop loving their children. The child finds his father's caring presence always near him.
Mother is not less than father she also sacrifice her health wealth and time for her children but it is father who is more praiseworthy in upbringing the children.
Moving on with motherhood after disappearance of the baby's father.
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