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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
A page where a stream of poem runs in the body creating goosebumps, motivating you in life,a feeling of being loved and loving others to get nurtured in our genes and standing ahead in the long run shattering all the hurdles and standing under the spotlight.
The family core has changed over time. We have all kinds of blended marriages. There are more and more non traditional dads, but the law has not really kept up with new societal trends.
The bond between a father and his son is sublime and is the subject of study of many psychologists. However, there are fathers of different types, and their responses towards their offspring vary.
There are many ways to provide protection for your family. This article focuses on just one of those ways. Owning a firearm can be a very effective way to provide physical protection for your family.
This simple and quite weird strategy may help fathers have new fathers connect with their bundle of joy.
This a poem dedicated to all the great mothers and fathers in the world.
This article is about fatherhood, family life, and love.
A kid without a dad at home makes up for it by being a real father to his own kids.
Father's day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year and this year, it will be celebrated on June 15. I want to congratulate all fathers out there for being a father and all children out there to be lucky to have a father. Enjoy the day
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
Fathers are regular human beings who strive to make it in this world. It doesn't mean they are any more enlightened than you. Fathers must grow up and become wise by the very experience they gain in growing up.
An out of the line off beat poem to cheer up those whose fathers are in heaven
Ever wish you could go back and say the things you needed to say when someone was alive? Here are my thought to my departed father, and my regrets at thing left unsaid.
A heart felt poem about a father who remains humble through life.
This is a tribute to the man who raised me. We haven't always saw eye to eye. It's only been in the last few years that we have began to get along. This occurred after I understood his intentions were only pure.
Fathers never stop loving their children. The child finds his father's caring presence always near him.
A mother's open letter to an irresponsible father.
Moving on with motherhood after disappearance of the baby's father.
The intensiveness and the vulnerability of relations make them them the most elusive and sought after asset of this world.
It is a special time of year to say a special thanks to fathers all over the world. While there are some who challenge the active roles of fathers today, others feel that many are not shown the well-deserved respect! To all of the fathers who take steps on a daily basis to help child...
Being a father is a great vocation. Fatherhood is not not an accidental relationship. It is an eternal plan of the heavenly Father. A Christian fatherhood is a great privilege and a blessed responsibility.
This is a tribute to my 92 year old (Italian) Dad on Father's Day who had so much love, wisdom and talent to offer!
Some ideas to make the Father's Day, extraordinary.
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