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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
The bond between a father and his son is sublime and is the subject of study of many psychologists. However, there are fathers of different types, and their responses towards their offspring vary.
November, 27th, was my Father’s birthday. My Father always looked at the good things.We lost him in 1979. He would have been one 116 years old. “Just think of all the good things this country has given the world”. “All the progress we have made working together” he used to ...
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
This is a tribute to the man who raised me. We haven't always saw eye to eye. It's only been in the last few years that we have began to get along. This occurred after I understood his intentions were only pure.
Moving on with motherhood after disappearance of the baby's father.
The intensiveness and the vulnerability of relations make them them the most elusive and sought after asset of this world.
Just an exchange of emotions between an ailing father and his son.
A few lines, which might not sound rhythmical but, the relationship in this poem does not need any rhyme and rhythm at all ! Was written in England before moving to Denmark.
As we approach father's day all I hear is about the men who are not fathers. Sadly this imagery is projected as the dominant imagery of masculinity. What about the true meaning of fatherhood and the men who are excellent father? I want to express gratitude to all the fathers and encou...
Writing the story of my father may only be an exercise in my own self --healing, but it may strike a chord in sons of other fathers as well.
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