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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
A page where a stream of poem runs in the body creating goosebumps, motivating you in life,a feeling of being loved and loving others to get nurtured in our genes and standing ahead in the long run shattering all the hurdles and standing under the spotlight.
Contrary to what some might believe, Father's Day did not begin to be celebrated simply as a proposal by card sellers. In fact, the history of Father's Day suggests it was more out of a legitimate wish to celebrate a father.
A tribute to a spiritual father in the gospel who is also known across thenation!
This story was originally published in Storytime Tapestry for Father's Day.
This article is being posted for Father's Day, and it is a reminder that not every child has a father.
With Father’s day approaching, you may be wondering what to do. My advice is doing something special, yet simple, such as a movie day. Make some popcorn and eat junk food all while spending quality time with Dad. Here’s my top 5 movies to watch with dad for a pleasurable experienc...
Poem about fathers who do well raising their children, and the inevitable loss because we do well.
This a poem dedicated to all the great mothers and fathers in the world.
A shift from traditional holiday behavior for the better of all.
Father's Day tomorrow, what will you be doing with your Father, will you be seeing him maybe remembering him
This song became so familiar in the early 70's performed by singer-song writer Cat Stevens. whenever there is an event associated with fathers and sons, this song is usually the best choice. When I was in my high school days, it was not 70's of course, it was already in the 90's an...
Father's day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year and this year, it will be celebrated on June 15. I want to congratulate all fathers out there for being a father and all children out there to be lucky to have a father. Enjoy the day
This page expresses my true feeling for my dad. I wish to shout it out to the whole world that how much I love him.
My father was an alcoholic and a bastard. He taught me a lot about what not to be when I became a father.
Fathers are regular human beings who strive to make it in this world. It doesn't mean they are any more enlightened than you. Fathers must grow up and become wise by the very experience they gain in growing up.
On Father's Day, I have been reminiscing about my late father, Robert Smith Jr., the smartest man I have ever known. It is because of him that I became an educated woman and know, undoubtedly, lifelong learning can take place outside a classroom.
An out of the line off beat poem to cheer up those whose fathers are in heaven
This is an article I wrote with Father's Day in mind, and the things we do to honor this day.
Ever wish you could go back and say the things you needed to say when someone was alive? Here are my thought to my departed father, and my regrets at thing left unsaid.
Happy Father's Day is correct. Happy Fathers Day is acceptable. Happy day to all the father's out there is not. Learn why.
Despite the hardships of the time, my father who was born in 1879 lived to the ripe old age of 95 years. This is a tribute to my greatest teacher and the most remarkably man I have ever met - My Dad.
My Dad taught me how to grow a flower, how to watch a horse race and how to treat others. As we celebrate Father's Day weekend, let's pause to remember how much our fathers taught us.
My father is my friend, philosopher and guide. He has always been there for me and helped me along in my journey through life. Even though he is not here today, he is there with me always in my heart.
A Fathers day poem I have written on behalf of my baby for her first Fathers day so a bit personal :)
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