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A son is the father of man has been and always will as he passes his genes
What indeed did the seed people look like who first came to seed and inhabit the new earth, Angorius? After all they descended upon the new earth from many other worlds and galaxies from within two universes intact. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
This story was originally published in Storytime Tapestry for Father's Day.
This article is being posted for Father's Day, and it is a reminder that not every child has a father.
The family core has changed over time. We have all kinds of blended marriages. There are more and more non traditional dads, but the law has not really kept up with new societal trends.
An interview with a four year old boy, whom I refer to as a Manling.
Poem about fathers who do well raising their children, and the inevitable loss because we do well.
~I wrote the book~edited the book~queried the book~published the book~gave away copies for reviews~full circle momma~like our lives~I’m giving it away again~I can hear your voice momma~what the hell you think you’re doin’ boy~spittin’ in the wind~you make me laugh~I miss that ...
No man or woman is an island. We are all in the boat together. At the very least, we should acknowledge each other as we hang on for dear life in this everlasting ride.
My father was an alcoholic and a bastard. He taught me a lot about what not to be when I became a father.
Is your toddler hyperactive? It seems like he/she is never tired and keeps you going and going? Do you feel tired and believe you need a break?
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
Fathers are regular human beings who strive to make it in this world. It doesn't mean they are any more enlightened than you. Fathers must grow up and become wise by the very experience they gain in growing up.
An out of the line off beat poem to cheer up those whose fathers are in heaven
Ever wish you could go back and say the things you needed to say when someone was alive? Here are my thought to my departed father, and my regrets at thing left unsaid.
Happy Father's Day is correct. Happy Fathers Day is acceptable. Happy day to all the father's out there is not. Learn why.
My Dad taught me how to grow a flower, how to watch a horse race and how to treat others. As we celebrate Father's Day weekend, let's pause to remember how much our fathers taught us.
My father is my friend, philosopher and guide. He has always been there for me and helped me along in my journey through life. Even though he is not here today, he is there with me always in my heart.
A Fathers day poem I have written on behalf of my baby for her first Fathers day so a bit personal :)
A heart felt poem about a father who remains humble through life.
This is a tribute to the man who raised me. We haven't always saw eye to eye. It's only been in the last few years that we have began to get along. This occurred after I understood his intentions were only pure.
Parenting is hard work, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some ideas on how to be a great parent by keeping it simple.
Mother is not less than father she also sacrifice her health wealth and time for her children but it is father who is more praiseworthy in upbringing the children.
A mother's open letter to an irresponsible father.
Moving on with motherhood after disappearance of the baby's father.
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