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While lobbyists are pushing for controlling the decisive positions in the public sphere(1), they can count on the technocracy at the helm.
Our Creator God allowed His Son to pay the price with His life for everyone to experience lasting peace If we wish to maintain peaceful relationships, it is critical that we stay away from jealousy and selfishness. Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, you will find dis...
With the help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob contrives to steal his brother's blessing.
Pork barrel scam, sex scandals involving celebrities, crimes, calamities and a lot others. These define the Philippines now. No one translated this to music but Darryl Shy on his performance of Asin’s “Balita” during the third week of The Voice Philippines Live Shows. Social rel...
We all have our unique favorite things and enjoying a lot with them.
A Chinese proverb says, "Children's mouths speak the truth." If you listen to the words that come out of the mouths of babes you will find out that they are too innocent to speak lies. Then why do they say lies when they grow up?
Most of us are members of various online sites which give us an opportunity to earn, but there are very few sites which can be termed as perfect in every respect.
As parents, we say that we treat our children equally but, in reality, it is not possible to do so. Rivalry between siblings grows even from the womb! There are Cains and Abels almost in every family.
Parenting is a challenging experience of learning and practicing. It is a process of transferring intrinsic of life values from generation to generation. It is a continuation of God’s creative work.
Many persons who might have tried hard being fair with their children and in treating them equally, find themselves favoring one child over the other.
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