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Two elderly people were reported missing from their home in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
In recent months, reports on the use of IMSI catchers in the United States accumulated. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledged often to use the device without a court order.
The most popular crypto currency in the market, its market price is approximately 500 US dollars per Bit coin. Earn bit coins future money.
The message it receives 2 weeks after MH370 disappeared. It reads, "I will come and kill you." The message was sent with a number of pornographic images. Phone no less intense terror, threatening to kill her.
Crime detection cases especially of abductions and kidnappings leaves a lot to be desired.
A U.S. federal judge ruled that Google must comply with the requirements provide no warrant of arrest by the FBI on Secret Service Users confidential data.
As I write this, there are four states in the United States that allow their citizens to legally carry concealed weapons without a duly issued concealed carry permit—Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont. This is a good thing, this is the way The Framers of the United States Constitu...
Unsuspecting users were being redirected to rogue servers by a virus called among other names, DNS CHANGER which was being controlled by a network of cyber thieves, allowing them to manipulate users’ web activity.
If you visited sites like, or the Wall Street Journal’s website and saw or clicked ads on them last year, be warned-- your internet connection might go out of existence in July this year.
From within the society, many voices rose against US drone strikes on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan but this time, Army has spoken !
This article will answer the following questions: Who popularized Osama bin Laden? What made him popular? How it began? What encouraged him to stand against his enemy? Who were his enemy? What made him a greatest actor? Who benefited mostly from his actions? Who suffered mostly from h...
I have now left my husband , and will attempt to cover the next 37 years in the last part of my story.
At the turn of the Twentieth Century, a number of notorious criminals like “Legs” Diamond, Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger rose to fame in America. Bootlegging, bank robbery, and crimes sprees left many lying dead in their wake as the FBI’s Most Wanted took what they wante...
RED - Robot's En Disguise? c'est non! It's Helen Mirren with le Sniper Rifle? c'est Magnifique! I don't know why that was in French...
A look at Justice Department and its inner circle of engine
What lies behind the fence at the Groom Lake facility in Nevada known as Area 51 has been the subject of many conspiracy theories since the nineteen forties. In this article I am using very priviledged information to reveal the great secret that has been kept hidden for so many years...
Story about three twin babies in same uterus talking about their ambition
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