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Death is the end of all earthly cares and the beginning of eternal things. It is believed that the moment we die, we are born in another universe. With it begins a new way of being. More number of songs and poems has been written on death than on birth. It is considered an important e...
Essay resulting from Gaiam Disclosure series by David Wilcock, latest episode says we create our own reality which is a reaction to fear, making us easier to manipulate as a "herd" perhaps of sheeple (my phrase).
He was only a young man living inside a prision made of fear, but he wàs able to find the light his heart longed for
We all have fears, be it death, the unknown etc. While fear may be natural did you know it's unhealthy? Did you know that we were not made to live in fear?
You can't let the fear get the better of you...A poem about facing your fears.
So many ignorant folks still spread the fear of the unknown which we all will and must have to confront Wake up friends
We are all independent folks and should live a life of fearlessness
Post surgery. Repairing the damage to me from my last beating. Ok now time has passed and my boys had been with their father for 2 years. Myspace was my only way of contact. My son (16) at the time sent a message. It said please help us. What the hell could I do to help. My oldest d...
The fear of being alone as I grow old. No one there for me to hold. My children are growing up and soon they will all be gone and on their own. . It gives me too much time to think. I know that in time it will be over and the pain will cease for a little while. Its just the memo...
Why is that your heart sometimes becomes so demanding and tends to trouble you for making its wishes come true. Why on the earth does it not realize that impossible things can never come true ....
All human beings have fears. The physical fears are natural ones but the psychological fears are created by our own minds. These psychological fears are chief cause of our sorrows. They are gone, once you realize you create and nurse them consciously or unconsciously.
Is fear holding you back from doing things you love? Are you ready to conquer that on!!!!
Let go of fear and you will see how wonderful life can be.
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