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this is an article to get over your fear on dentist,
How do you get rid of the gut-wrenching pain that terror activity brings, as it mars civilisation, marking it's spot with a final sense of brutality? Is there any hope left for mankind?
In the darkest hours my fears have begun to unfold. The darkest thoughts of my mind seem all but unleashed to play within the light of day. My wings have broken mid-flight and as the darkness consumes me I am plummeting fast.
Most people fear the unknown especially their results.The narrator in this short story is fearing the worst of what could be when reality dawns in his life
Why do we have fear? Can we spot the cause for it? Can we trace the genesis and adress the problem at the roots?An attempt in the direction of self help
So many ignorant folks still spread the fear of the unknown which we all will and must have to confront Wake up friends
Life is cruel and what is cruel to a man of many words means nothing to a man with none. We value all that enriches our lives. But real enrichment is to understand the value of what does not enrich our lives but gives somebody peace. Peace is all the riches in all the heavens, nothing...
Some one asked what else did I know apart from sex Hear this then
A poem about wife and children being beaten by drunken husbands and fathers. I watched a program on the subject.
The Invisible Man is sick and upset by people taunting him and the humiliation that goes with it. He buys a cheap bottle of vodka
We are all independent folks and should live a life of fearlessness
Many people love flying! They wouldn’t travel any other way. However some people wouldn’t be caught dead in an airplane. Why is that? Why do some have a fear of flying?
Really fear was the controlling factor. Out of fear of the next beating we ran The fearlessness to protect my children we ran Fear of retribution for leaving him we ran Looking at the faces of my children when he last beat me we ran I ran because it was a chance to be free from the...
The fear of being alone as I grow old. No one there for me to hold. My children are growing up and soon they will all be gone and on their own. . It gives me too much time to think. I know that in time it will be over and the pain will cease for a little while. Its just the memo...
All things about children from my point of view, well researched and presented
It describes the way in which people should relate to each other, gives opinions and condemns violence while also taking a look at respect and how it influences relatiionships
Why is that your heart sometimes becomes so demanding and tends to trouble you for making its wishes come true. Why on the earth does it not realize that impossible things can never come true ....
All human beings have fears. The physical fears are natural ones but the psychological fears are created by our own minds. These psychological fears are chief cause of our sorrows. They are gone, once you realize you create and nurse them consciously or unconsciously.
fear, fear, oh dear blubbering out in the form of tears !
We often fear for something. But fear is nothing but a thought arising out of our own thinking. We can be fearless by changing the way we think and imagine about ourselves.
I do not fear the darkness, for I have much knowledge on the subject, given me from all directions. It is the light I fear, for it is the path taken alone. Myself, the only compass for guidance.
What do you do when your home alone with your little brother and a fire starts.
Domestic violence comes and many shapes and forms. Acknowledging the abuse isn't always easy. Save yourself and your children before it is to late. Find true happiness without violence.
Have you ever thought of the significance of your feet? Perhaps our hands are overrated, and we are missing this one critical part that literally and figuratively allows us to move forward.
People seldomly discuss about death but the truth is that whether you discuss it or not, it will come when it will come. Discussing death does not mean you're dying.
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