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Life is supposed to be a joyride but sometimes because of life's ups and downs and giant drops we lose faith and then our fear cramps our journey. Grab yourself some coffee and join me on my funny metaphoric roller coaster ride
A Personal Reflection of Upon Maltusinism in the GOP
Is the separation of the wheat from the chaff all that religion claims or is the claim referring entirely to another “event?” – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Say goodbye to those little things that once scared you.
Even if we try to forget about it, fear is always with us, and this poem talks about it.
Sometimes, real life can be way more scary than any work of fiction.
Women you are beautiful, you have the look, you are what you need to be, mother, sister, grandmother, woman. Who can say what is beautiful, you need all kinds of beautiful characteristics to be beautiful. It's all inside of you, women you are beautiful.
Raging war, a young girl is charged to look out for her two younger brothers. She is faced with a German Soldier, he does not give her up into the hands of his officers. What are the chances of them ever meeting again?
No matter what happed, she was determined to chase a brighter life, away from the fear of the past
I fear dying after my energy level drops to an all time low - yet no one has ever figured out what happens when a ghost dies!
Every one has dreams while sleeping. Some times the dreams are pleasant. But sometimes they are unpleasant or scary.
What is it like to feel threatened, to be bullied by adults? To be a practical prisoner in your own apartment? This is my story of how it feels. This is a true story.
This poem is about a sad little bunny that is lost in the wilderness. She hops down a trail and finds her way to a new destination.
This poem is about my wondering what will happen in my future. This is about the fears of what will happen.
Four philosophical poems. Two showing the mix emotions and persons we meet in life and two ninettes on two emotions-silence and fear.
gotta put your life in order, pursue your dreams and do what's right for your future whatever that may consist of
There are times that we don't need to use many ressources on the very small things that don't matter, but we need to get them away
If we look outside in conditions for security, we have to stop, it is on the inside
Everyone have this fear of being rejected and sometimes this fears are the cause of hindrances and blockage in our personal growth. How can we cope up with this? What can we do, in order to overcome this fear?
For anyone who has been abused in in form - the hardest thing to do is to trust and believe that life can be better .....This is my story from fear to faith .....
How do you get rid of the gut-wrenching pain that terror activity brings, as it mars civilisation, marking it's spot with a final sense of brutality? Is there any hope left for mankind?
Do you remember a decade ago when the Dept. of Homeland Security fanned the flames of fear by putting out a list of things we could do to prepare ourselves in case of foreign invasion by terrorists? This poem grew from that advisory.
Treating children equal... Is girl child being treated the way she SHOULD BE TREATED?
Discusses how to let go of control and fear in order to learn to set appropriate boundaries, enforce them and accept the outcome.
A lyrical poem about a persons feeling about their estranged lover and the yearning to be by their side.
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