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Four letter words are often thought of as bad. This article looks at some that are good and very helpful to use in relationships.
Pure emotion is something unique that makes you feel happy or sad or astonish and these pure emotions are very important to our lives because it adds the color to our lives.
Recently,I had a discussion with one of my friends who was being so attached to the surroundings,nature,living and non-living things that I had to counsel about acceptance of true nature as such.
After the tragedies of 9/11 American families faced new and difficult ranges of feelings. The level of anger, intense sadness, fear and yes perhaps even joy when we saw how as a country we came together to care and support one another were hard to comprehend, let alone explain to our...
Another relationship poem on how I felt and again it didn't last but I'm with the one I belong with now
Oh, darling,I really want to hold you into my arms. Will I ever have a chance to do it?
I feel different these days. It's like things matter less. I kind of like it because it feels like I have evolved, while at the same time I hope I don't let my entire life go completely.
A little poem about the desires coming from a lonely heart that wishes to be truly loved and to be able to shine.
Anger, a normal emotion, can transform into something painful and ugly. First thoughts of anger issues may bring about images of a couple fighting, a parent abusing a child, a teenager lashing out at a teacher or a parent. Rarely will images of angry children come to mind. Unfortunate...
Feeling better eh!We must raise the morale of sick personnel maybe physically ill or psychosomatic-ally We must help and make negative destructive minded people also positive poor things are they may be
This is a description of how I felt when listening to sounds around me.
The most simple thing we can do is be healthy, and if we are not, we can heal. Sure, positive thinking is a good start. But deep-level positive living is where it ends at all levels.
Love is about making sacrifices but not compromises. It is necessary to have faith and trust in any relation rather than proving the relation at different point in time because its not an exam. If you make a mistake then you always have a second chance to improve it in case of love. w...
There have been a few things that have made me angry today here they are
The poem describes the similarity between love and gamble. Hope you enjoy it.
Before my feelings about death really got strong, and long before my university days, I dating a man that was psychic himself. At least that is what he told me. I never did have anything to go on and I just thought that he was making up stories. John told me that, "he sensed things." ...
I wrote about my previous feelings and now I will continue with them. The articles I am currently writing around to demonstrate my somewhat limited psychic ability.
I am now going to publish my psychic starting here on Wikinut starting from the feelings I got as a child.
We course through life but soon are in the evening of it. What we need to fall back upon may elude us when young, but memories keep us company especially those of what we did to benefit others. One should keep that thought in the back of our minds even as we pursue our goals to give u...
The dream that you wanted to forget and live behind the mask of nightmare.
To those that find it difficult to leave their comfort zones; to the timid; to the reserved. You are as good as you think you are, you just have to be that good
Max is getting ready to go out to Danielle's farm. He said his goodbyes to his buddy Randal and went back to the rooming house to spend some time with Bobby. He was going to miss everyone in town but when the roads were passable he would come back to visit.
This article was written in June of 2005, in response to a nasty individual on another writing site who constantly trashed my work.
I have cried my last tear, I have no fear. We all experience death, some sooner rather than later.
We often wonder why we attend church all of our lives, but never experience the peace and joy that God promises to believers. Maybe we need to check our mindset. Perhaps we are holding onto old habits and behaviors that are hindering our spiritual growth. Maybe we're not thinking righ...
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