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This article explains you different ways on how to keep your feet healthy and how to take care of your feet.
There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just look...
One day I get an email from Merril, the lady who organizes that Farmers Market where Mother and I saw no potential customers whatsoever when we went to check it out on Saturday. The email is a follow-up to our initial application to exhibit and sell our items at their market.
Are feet a fat storing area? Usually when we think about what areas of our bodies we'd like to slim down, we usually think for men it's the fat round sack of a belly, maybe even the chest when it starts to look like wabbly boobs, the pop-out fold just under the chest on both sides, ...
Stigmata is a religious concept accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. When people suddenly acquire wounds on the body to resemble the wounds of Christ after the crucifixion they are said to be stigmatic.
I'm six months old now but I can still see my angels and they still play with me too.
This piece is the story of life expressed through the aging of feet.
Hello this poem is a poem of Love and finding our feet its about being true and being who you are how God made you to be. pleas follow the link to watch the video your support would be very apprreciated
We are from nature and sticking to its ways of self-renewal will stand us in good stead than trying to assert to deprive and humiliate others like we tend to do as a matter of course. We have to raise our bar in terms of coexistence and inclusiveness to take the next step forward in o...
Foot conditions are of different types and caused due to many reasons. Read on to know about five foot conditions that can affect your feet.
Life is full of mysteries until we open our eyes and our hearts to That Which Is...then there is nothing but understanding and knowing. Many will, many will not but that is always a choice for you to make....enjoy
I am going to show you how to keep your money in your pocket and exercise the natural way, In a way that you don’t even really notice. Mankind managed to survive for thousands of years before anyone ever came up with the idea of working out at the gym. Sure the life expectancy of mo...
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has gone to sit at the right hand of God in heaven. He no longer has a body here on earth. He no longer has hands to reach out and touch people. He no longer has feet to walk the earth, spreading the Good News that today is the day of salvation. We C...
The biggest issue in men’s fashion today is marrying style with comfort in the throes of the business world. Most business professionals these days share their time between desks and traveling, and finding a pair of comfortable yet classy shoes can be a challenge.
Henna is a natural red-brown color dye that usually used throughout Africa and South Asia to color the skin, hair and nails.
How to prevent swollen feet while sitting in a plane especially if you sit in a long time. Find out several ways to prevent your feet become swollen before taking a plane.
Running can be hard on your feet. Learn how to protect and take care of your feet so you will enjoy your runs without pain or discomfort.
Your feet take a real pounding every time you run. Learn more about how to buy running shoes so that you can avoid foot problems and make the most of your runs.
Poor circulation in the feet is very common. It is an uncomfortable condition but there are some simple home remedies available which can help. Find out more about natural foot care, and how is it is to use at home.
With the hot weather now here for a while its time get out and enjoy the sun. Though take care as the good weather can bring with it some nasty surprises if you go out unprepared. Here is a quick tip guide to help you enjoy the sun safley
There are too many broken people on the streets, especially young women, who come from various backgrounds, only to wind up selling themselves and degrading their lives!
A lyrical poem about a persons feeling about their estranged lover and the yearning to be by their side.
To me the Saviour is many different things as this poem tries to express ... but He is also far more than I can say ...
When I first came to the Lord my Saviour - all I had to offer was my rags and regrets - but He accepted them - and changed me ... and there is always room for you too.... with Him .
A part of me was left behind, always rushing, running, wanting to get away
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