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This is a short and quick summery about the unexpected effects of the Feminist Movement from someone who grew up after it was put into play. Agree or Disagree this is how I see it.
How are women socialized to be, especially in today's times? Women are being seen as sexual objects on television shows and on social media sights. They are seen as targets for men and this is an idea being perceived by young children who are exposed to certain shows or websites. What...
Find out how to control them? What are their reactions if they are disappointed?
How to bring equality of among both sexes? Domination of any single sex is not a good idea.
We tend to educate little male warriors the same way we educate our little female princesses. The feminization of the American male has created a great deal of gender confusion and insecurity. Fewer and fewer understand the role of the male in American society.
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