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Fireworks a device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.
The auspiciousness of the festival is within oneself and Diwali ushers a lot of positive and happy vibes around.
In the last buy some lights from the market Rearrange your wardrobe, kitchen cabinets
There is a trend among those who are claiming to be progressive thinkers to disclaim festivals for the reason that they make us to spend money. They are of the opinion that this is really a waste and that money should be spent for the benefits of millions who are suffering.
My wife's death left me devastated, but it is time to move on and start work again.
This page is about Celebrating Festival Via Internet
A short sweet message for all those who are constrained in mind.
The "Giant Lantern Festival" features a competition of giant lanterns. Some gigantic lanterns span a breadth of 40 feet with geometric shapes and myriad colors.
The yearly Feast of the Black Nazarene will be celebrated again this January 9. See what this tradition is all about.
A short story based on a true incident, let me take you back to the heady days of free love and Rock & Roll to the summer of 69
Here is a list of recreational activities that are either free or low cost. Some of these activities are family oriented while others are only for teens or adults.
Festival season has started in India. It is a season of special varieties of snacks and dishes. The recipe of coconut milk snack murukku is one of the traditional snacks of South India.
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