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Dussehra is an Indian celebration, a festival marking the beginning of studies and of planting of crops. It also goes by the name of Vijayadashmi and it an integral unit of the ten-day Navrathri festival of India. Here you can see the various stories associated with these celebrations...
It takes place every year from March to April and it's an experience for the adventurous traveller.
Article to show the Easter customs and traditions across the globe
In the last buy some lights from the market Rearrange your wardrobe, kitchen cabinets
Friendship is an asset to the persons who have large number of friends in the society.Like -minded persons are eager to make friend ships with one another. It is essential to make friendship with to sustain the life in the society.
Seasonal festivals depend on changes in weather or on cultural practices of people. Thus sowing of crops and onset of summer or winter gives reasons for celebrations. Here we see some such festivals from around the world.
Society is made or interwoven threads of culture built on religion and traditions. One such tradition is festival where people in the society come together to celebrate and make merry.
This is a festival of Muslims which they celebrate each year. here is a brief history of the festival.
Historic Jonesborough is not only haunted, it is one of the states more historical towns due to its age. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains, the history and ghost tales go back deep into the eighteenth century, and ghost tours are a popular part of the town’s charisma. Many o...
Eight Beautiful gardens near Berry located South coast of New South Wales in Australia, from 11 th September to 14th Septermber.
Here I will share about the biggest book festival in the National Mall in Washington, D.C
Apples are a big part of the autumn festivities in the Pittsburgh region. The Mars Applefest will be held in October at Pittsburgh’s Countryside Region of Pennsylvania in downtown Mars, Pennsylvania.
Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and potassium. Strawberries are the quintessential summer food that works perfectly in both drinks and desserts.
Jefferson County: The Spirits of the Laurel Festival, Walking Tours, a Corn Maze and a Victorian Christmas.
The gay and lesbian community has been welcomed to Pittsburgh since the late 70's, and the city has had a gay-rights ordinance on the books since 1990 that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation.
I will tell you how to enjoy a music festival if you go for a summer vacation or a day to one near you.
The article is on the life plight and tribulations of Jesus Christ. Which everyone must learn from
Holi is the most fun-filled and energetic Indian festival. It's a social gathering that brings in real joy and entertainment, excitement and play, songs and dancing, and, of course, plenty of dazzling colors!
Festivals and celebrations are the part and parcel of the great cultural heritage of Tami Nadu. Here you can find festival celebrations for every reason and season.
St David's Day every March 01st, stirs the heart of every Welshman , woman and child, however far away they may be from home.. There is a pride and sense of community within the Welsh Valleys that flows through the blood uniting each and every soul to the beloved country of their bir...
This is written to celebrate the day of 2/2 my sister's birthday and also the coming of springtime with all the newness and beauty of Nature and birth...enjoy for this day only cometh once a year....
There is a trend among those who are claiming to be progressive thinkers to disclaim festivals for the reason that they make us to spend money. They are of the opinion that this is really a waste and that money should be spent for the benefits of millions who are suffering.
This poem is on " Deepawali ", the festival of light and love, celebrated across India during the first week of November every year - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
What if 15.000 people attended camping simultaneously in the same place? The result is there will be a kaleidoscope of thousand tents if views from a far. There are camping festival that held in Jiangxi Province, China that attended by 15.000 participants from around the world.
The happiest feast of the Hindu Bengalis -Durga Puja- is at hand. The joyous mood has already set in the air. People are talking about it, planning about it and the preparations for it are in full swing.
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