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I am going to explain the story of whether the group Planned Parenthood that is to counsel pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant and have an abortion. Some say they are selling the fetus organs, do you believe it?
Bronchial Asthma gives us physicians special concerns. These concerns center on situations such as nocturnal Asthma, Pregnancy and in surgery. How are these concerns of medical significance?
Newborns have series of need and want that must be provided by the parents, ranging from adequate care, love, protection and belonging and above all creating a bonding by stroking, cuddling, snuggling and skin to skin contact that shall remain for the rest of their life. The following...
Vitiligo - a skin disorder in which there is a complete depigmentation of individual sections of the skin. Vitiligo may be hereditary or transmitted equally likely. However, even if vitiligo passed from a parent, white spots may not appear on the skin. However, the child will be a car...
There are alot of drugs to be avoided, but the most serious and concerning are the following.
From the womb we are all nurtured and shaped in a way, then after birth we are enclosed in society.
We all heard the women's point of view and the men's point of view on abortion. What about the fetus point of view? Listen to what the fetus has to say! I will be voice of the fetus. Will you?
A plea from the grave of a little life lost to the scourge of our American Holocaust. Abortion is much more than the one life lost – it affects all in it, including the mother, father, and the other relatives who have lost that connection, that love!
Answers seem elusive when a woman has experienced a miscarriage.
When having a baby doesn't mean that your sex life is over! Quite the contrary. Learn how to enjoy a beautiful intimacy while bringing a new life in the world.
While the children start crawling, they even start producing some sounds like ga…ga…ma…ma…
This poem is based off of a particular connection that I figured out recently. Although the actual idea is about a month old, it took me a little while to figure out how exactly I was going to write it. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out my connection. Comments are open.
Some people will tell you that chicken eggs are a chicken's abortions, or they are a chickens “period”. They might also tell you that eggs are chicken fetuses. This is to try to scare you off eating eggs. None of these things are true, read why.
Abortion Is One Of The Most Controversial Issues In America facing us today
This article if to help women understand that some things are better not seen. Post-traumatic stress is very serious and should be handle with much care and consideration. Good mental health is essential in order to live full well adjusted lives.
Why are we hearing about so many government sanctioned murders taking place (through abortion) yet we send in our marines to save the lives of others?
We should not be surprised to know that God has a plan for us even before we are conceived.
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