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Dreams change... People change... Objectives and means change... How?
My stint on Wikinut might not have made me into a very rich person, but it has helped me a lot in thinking about and writing fictional content and also improving them.
It's time to shut down the heart and turn on the mind! Feelings make you weak, so Anna will cast them out! But for how long can she keep all feelings buried?
After meeting up with Karev, he starts the introduction by making it extremely difficult for Anna to keep Alexei out of her heart. Then, they get acquainted and only then, they start fighting. But what if they signed up for something and that something changes?
Second thoughts time was over the minute they lit up the car... Now, everything will resume to kill or be killed!
This is the long version of how I ended up living with the Briels :).
After deciding to leave everything behind, Kea embarks on a quest for revenge. But you know what they say: the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Well, for her, this step will scar her forever!
After witnessing the murder of her loved one, Kea decides to cut all ties with her former way of life, beginning her quest for revenge.
This is the second part of the story of a girl who had a big secret.
This is the first part of a short story about a girl who had a big secret
On this page will contain a variety of book reviews that I read and reviewed myself. If you are like me then you need that great, at the end of your seat book to read. I love books that are a page turner and keeps me hooked. So, I thought this would be a great page to start with.
Walking down the street, there she was, a young woman smiling like a child.
Say goodbye to those little things that once scared you.
For the young man, music was everything.he needed to heal his own soul.
Believe it or not, love of mine, I do believe in our love.
The promise he made long time ago, helped him to survive.
Don´t be afraid of trying to turn your dreams into beautiful realities.
For tonight, you are free to express your true self on the dancefloor.
Have you made plans? Are you ready to go? If you have a story in your mind, then it would be a great idea to enter the National Novel Writing Month, abbreviated to NaNoWriMo. The idea is to get everybody writing around the world. Can you write a novel in a month? Why not give it a try...
On a clear winter morning, I thought of you, love of mine.
What have I done to deserve this kind of pain? So glad this poem is only fiction!
Forget about your heavy burdens, kind soul. Midnight is here. ,
Yes, even when others try to tell us otherwise, we deserve the best.
Oh, darling,I really want to hold you into my arms. Will I ever have a chance to do it?
If you only know how important you are to me, things would be so different.
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