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A tale about a boxing match between a veteran at the tail end of his career and a young prospect. This part focuses on the prospect with the theme of pride coming before the fall.
For others, she was only a young girl. For him, she was a new chance to see the sun.
Somebody wanted to get revenge, and not even death would be able to stop that never-ending thirst for blood.
Only one person listened the sweet voice of the sweet shy girl, but she was more than happy with it.
This is a sweet short story about a girl who was fearing that something bad could happen to her husband
This is a short story about a young man named Kylie, and how writing stories about beautiful lands helped him to rise above hate.
She had received repeated warnings over a very long time, that she had to leave Manhattan before it would be too late to do so. In the stark bright morning light, she takes a sip from her "Buck Special blend" coffee as she gazes over the headlines: “Writer loses her life's work in a...
Justice is finally here and am super excited to see him again only that he came with a shocker......will I withstand this
This is the story of Wendall and his amazing beard! Wendall and his wife lived in a happy little town, until Wendall decided to grow his beard.... I created this story as a project with my mother after I started care giving for her. This has been a tremendous amount of fun for us. Th...
I am not aware of too many things, but I know what I know.
This is a science fiction short story I wrote. I wrote it like I was living one day in a post ecological disaster life. I am reminiscing about what happened to leave me living below ground.
A young woman struggles with accepting her quirky mother while embracing her own individuality.
Only they will ever know what really happened. This was partially submitted for an assignment for my Masters of Arts (Writing) class. This is a fictional depiction of the lead up to a real event; however, and there is absolutely no reference to the incident itself. I have used fact...
Not having much of inquisitiveness in this regard nor any leaning towards the spiritual, I let these impressions about gods and goddesses slip behind my unconscious mind without indulging in empty deliberations about their ultimate utility in life. Since my early childhood, in the for...
He walked into his parent’s home, first time in months, even longer since he had seen them alive. The plan’s simple: Get what he wanted and sell the home for minimal profit and avoid years of back-breaking work. He toured the home, remembering a far simpler time than his busy, p...
This is about a person named Hoggard whose very own brother spoiled his life
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