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In the 19th century the FA first laid down the first clear guidelines for soccer. Since then, these guidelines, or laws, have only been slightly modified by FIFA during the 20th century. These are a few of the key laws of the game.
In the game of soccer, there are a variety of rules which play a big part in the game. Essentially, these are covered by Fifa and a variety of soccer manuals.
The first Fifa World Cup was hosted in 1930 in the South American country of Uruguay. It was here that Jules Rimmet's proposals for World Cup soccer became established. However, the first Fifa World Cup was not entirely like the World Cups of today.
The FIFA World Cup is by far the biggest soccer competition in the sport. It is a 32-team international competition held every four years, which decides who the soccer world champions are.
The 2010 World Cup, like any World Cup, had some refereeing controversy in a few games. This was largely down to controversial goals that have since been called into question. Here are a few of the controversial refereeing moments in the 2010 World Cup.
This article covers countries that have hosted multiple FIFA World Cups.
While Spain won the World Cup, it was not the only trophy of this World Cup. In fact, FIFA have a few player awards of the World Cup. These awards are the following: Golden Boot, Golden Ball, Golden Glove and Best Young Player Award. The following players were the winners of the 2010 ...
This article covers how soccer games are decided with penalties.
A brief postwar history of the FIFA World Cup tournament.
A brief guide to some of the laws of soccer (otherwise football).
Here is a brief history of soccer in the 20th history.
The FIFA World Cup may be the trophy that the teams play for at the World Cup. However, in addition to this the World Cup has a number of further awards which are given to teams and players. These cover the following categories.
A brief overview of the FIFA World Cup, it's history and structure.
The 1990 FIFA World Cup was held in Italy. It was the second World Cup hosted by Italy, with the first in 1938. Overall, there were 24 teams in total that played for the trophy.
The FIFA World Cup is a famous soccer cup that includes 32 of the best teams from around the world. It kicks-off with an opening game that includes the host nation of the cup, although previously it was the World Cup champions that began the tournament. In this opening game some excit...
The FIFA World Cup final is the biggest game in international soccer. As the deciding game of the tournament, it includes the two best teams in the finals. While not all World Cup matches have been especially exciting, there have been a few great finals.
The FIFA World Cup has had many great games. There are a few matches that can be considered classic World Cup games. The matches had great players, teams, plenty of goals and enthralling football.
FIFA introduced the Golden Goal to reduce the number of penalty shoot-outs in soccer cup games. The first team to score during the extra-time period won the game. That was the Golden Goal that was supposed to transform the international soccer cup matches, but it didn't have much impa...
Italy and Argentina are giants of the FIFA World Cup. The Italians have won the trophy four times, and Argentina twice. Whilst there have not been that many Italy vs Argentina fixtures, the teams have still met five times in the World Cup. These are the five games they have played in ...
The FIFA World Cup has had some great players and teams. Such teams include not only those that have won the cup, but also a few sides that were not able to win the trophy. So here are a few of the great sides that have played in the FIFA World Cup.
The FIFA World Cup of 1998 provided some great football and worthy winners in the form of France. The host nation had won, and rightly so, thanks to an inspirational Zidane among other top players.
The FIFA World Cup has had some fantastic teams, and the best have scored plenty of goals in the finals. Among the national sides that usually top score in the cup are Brazil, Germany, France and Argentina. These are the teams that have scored the most number of World Cup goals.
The FIFA World Cup is a soccer tournament dominated by a handful of teams. Five teams have won the tournament more than once, while a few other sides have won one World Cup. These are the sides that have won the most FIFA cups.
The 1970 soccer World Cup was a terrific tournament played in Mexico. This was a 16-team World Cup that included four groups. It had a number of great teams such as England, Germany, Italy and Brazil that played for the trophy. In the end though, the 1970 winner of the FIFA World Cup ...
The United States won the Women's World Cup for a record third time yesterday with a 5-2 victory over Japan.
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