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You know I was watching people yesterday when I went out. People get devastated over the silliest of things. Everyone has disappointments, setbacks, bad breaks and frustrations.
I was going through some old papers of mine and found a strong worded letter to my abusive ex. Since I've been dealing with putting the past behind me, facing my demons and moving forward I decided this was a perfect opportunity to share it and face at least one of the demons on my b...
The article speaks about the success of supertar Jeet's film Fighter which ended up being a blockbuster.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 13 Unlucky Poem. In this case people who might be considered unlucky. I hope this is an encouragement to those who have health issues.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 8 Rejection Poem. About being rejected due to not fitting in.
April Poem a Day Challenge Day 22 through Poetic Asides by Robert Brewer. Written from the judging I have been through in my life and how I became a fighter.
An experience fighter faces a crossroads in his career as love and a conversation with a person he respects and admires forces him to look at where he is in his life.
He was so charismatic. He had some sacred weapons during his life. But, an unexpected attack caused him died.
This speaks of the beauty of the mind; artificial creations--where one can use as an escape from dire circumstances--as well as a coping mechanism. And the drama doesn't end.
Personal experiences of my life. Please, if you wish to judge... go elsewhere.
This is an article on my combat system that I call Aggression Control Tactics.
A poem about getting right back up and trying again in the face of adversary.
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