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I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
I was going through some old papers of mine and found a strong worded letter to my abusive ex. Since I've been dealing with putting the past behind me, facing my demons and moving forward I decided this was a perfect opportunity to share it and face at least one of the demons on my b...
If we really took the time to understand each other's cultural differences and peculiarities, we would be far less likely to kill each other.
A relationship that is all in the papers and someone fights back
What does being a little feisty in life and a big hit hit on the biggest football player on th field have in common?
I wrote this people about being a strong survivor and standing tall against your abuser. To finally get that chance to switch places.
This page gives the ways to avoid the Fights Between Couples
Here let me pour another drink I heard him say No problem could not be solved by drinking It was clear to me That in that bottle it held many souls Lost to the demons that could harbor in their mind Wicked thoughts that flew from the lips No longer could they refrain from the pit Dig...
Where is the spirit of God in your life, some people have only had raindrops, but not a drenching, so they don't know what it is like to move in the holy Ghost,
Are the Somali pirates a myth floated by the global media to divert attention from the international criminal activity taking place in the territorial waters and on the marine shelf of Somalia?
They were like the rail I needed to get my life on track. They were like medicine to soothe my pain, and umbrellas to protect me from pouring rain. Who could I be talking 'bout? Well, that's a question that will only be revealed if you read.
I was forced to realize that the only way to bring the ordeal to an end was by giving them what they wanted. Check out this amazing chapter to find out whom and what I'm talking about.
The law-enforcers' action and unspoken words caused chills to shoot up and down my spine. This is a drama-packed chapter that should not be skipped.
Numbshock-causing dramatic events forever changed me. I found myself fighting hard to come back to my senses. Read and find out the outcome.
Explosive events and quagmire affected my senses and seemingly transformed me to an alien creature I didn't recognize. This chapter is very ironic and heartfelt.
I felt a sudden awful chill. My entire body seemed devoid of flesh and blood...that dreadful experience seemed to have lasted an eternity. This is a dynamic chapter that's guaranteed to have your nerves jumping.
The more I saw my buddy in action, the more I reminded myself to be cautious around him...he and some of the other guys I associated with preyed on people who showed signs of weakness. Read and see whom I'm talking about.
New environment and new cohorts brought about pressure and I found myself making some hard choices. This very interesting chapter cannot disappoint.
I sat, stared into nothingness, and heard sweet music flowing from a ghetto blaster nearby. I know you're curious as to what I'm talking 'bout, so read.
They saw me in church and took a liking to me despite my thuggish facade. They somehow penetrated through the camouflage I was forced to wear since my early childhood years and saw the real me. Read and find out who I'm talking 'bout.
Like a clamp, the streets had a strong grip over my life. I was vanity-driven and couldn’t seem to get enough of the mundane pleasures. I would go to dance clubs, strip-clubs and block parties, when I was supposed to be at work working. This is a must read.
Most of my life I had been living with tricky reasoning, and not enough rational thinking. There were too much artificial creations of the mind. Read and find out what I mean by that.
My dream to be something great; dream of being recognized as a grand-master poet. Ambition and determination are in overdrive.
Everywhere I turn they asking for money, money to get some studio air time or money to get a book published. It’s not ’bout what you know anymore, but who you know–who will believe in you, your talent, and give you a free ticket to fame. I know you want to know what I'm talking ...
I was thrown out to sink or swim on my own. I felt confused, hurt, betrayed and abandoned. This is a must read.
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