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An observation of the way Hollywood writes characters to act in a different way to how people normally would
Recently I got a new idea for an art project I'm doing. I need a very light camera. Then I need to buy a remote controlled helicopter and then fasten the camera to it, and get the most lovely and interesting aerial shots.
These young ones that were born in the late 80's or in the 90's, were born in the middle of recession.
Sometimes it's just time to decide what it is you really do, and what it is you don't anymore. Focus, that's the name of the game. Or is it?
Well, this is it. The day I have decided to commence filming of my new version of "Created by me", about a guy creating a time traveling robot that then drives him out of his own life. Well, actually, I have decided to rename it to "TIMEBOTICS". Just sounds more alluring I'd say.
I put in the DVD containing the master of my first movie in my movie series I've been working on for the past 19 years, "Created By Me". I'm watching it on the home theater in the living room.
Beautiful acting, feeble storyline ... A succession of obvious events and a simple story with no undue risks taken.
Well, it is time - the time Marzeus knew would come. It is the day that Wolverine will play in the video Marzeus is making.
An original approach to the vampire topic, but lousy acting and a slow pace prevented is from becoming a worthwhile horror.
"Kingsman: The secret service" is a must see movie.Magistrale movie !
I like a gritty, go-for-it-without-thinking pulp movie full of brutal violence and splattering blood. But this was a bit too simplistic.
A rom-com mixed with crime. A pure popcorn movie with Smith, thank God, not acting as in "After Earth"
A trashy cyber spectacle with flashy action, a comfortable pace and fine SE's which make Chappie's look lifelike.
This is a feel-good movie of the first rank. It isn't a blockbuster and will appear in the VOD circuit.
Magnificent images from space, but what a terrible story and pitifully poor performances.
A worthy successor of the first movie. That's for sure !
A dark,schizo thriller with DeNiro having a bad hair day and Cusack looking around uninterested the whole time. A mediocre thriller.
An easy-going, cozy film about an old couple selling their apartment. Freeman back again in a superb way !
A humorous mystery crime that results in a violent slasher story. It's nowhere really exciting, but nevertheless it was an amusing flick.
Although it looks a lot like a typical movie, at times the acting transcends the average.
This is the demise of one of the action icons from the past, who plays one paltry role after the other. The only things he shows in these roles are comatose glances and some mumbled dialogues. You want to see this charismatic and extremely cool action figure in action again, then I su...
Uninspired, slowpaced and dull ... even with such a cast !
An unbelievable situation which would be unthinkable in the present time. It's the pre-emancipation era ...
A not so bad UK drama based on true events. That's what could happen with teens using the internet without parental supervision... I'm getting old :)
The ending was a bit of a disappointment, but visually it's top notch.
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