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Well I had high hopes, big dreams and lots of excitement for my remote controlled helicopter. I was going to use it as a drone to carry my video camera up into the air and take lovely aerial photography shots with it. Kind of an affordable version of those flying things they build f...
Recently I got a new idea for an art project I'm doing. I need a very light camera. Then I need to buy a remote controlled helicopter and then fasten the camera to it, and get the most lovely and interesting aerial shots.
Father leaves the package that had come in the post, on Marzeus's bed. Marzeus opens it. Very creative - it's a puzzle with nine pieces. Quickly Marzeus assembles it, and now he can read it. It's a wedding invitation to Henry's wedding! Henry is Marzeus's cousin. Very original invite.
This article tells about the lives of children who live in the jungle wilderness away from the crowds and all facilities. here also told of a volunteer who wanted to serve da stay with the child in the forest jungle for a long time in order to educate the children of the jungle, and t...
The extreme violent nature of the Poltergeist movie along with the heightened story-line and the unexplained paranormal activity that engulfed the characters and film crew's lives during the time of filming gave way to truth being stranger than fiction. Supernatural phenomena began to...
After the first film in 2011, now has come the second film is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Film Cameras to Roll in St Monans Village in Fife Scotland.
Realizing a childhood dream of becoming a writer and then years later win the Sunday Times Literary Prize.
3D has been around for quite a while, read how it all started and where it is likely to go.
A look at the the Ealing film comedy’s of the 40s and 50s
This Bollywood Movie, I Hate Love Storys is a spicy hot funny and romantic movie which has create magic towards the audience.
TOP three movies of 2010. Inception, A-Team, Shutter Island
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