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We discuss some behind the scenes fun facts about this fun chapter of the Miauli series, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger".
After all that Kevin Sweefarend has been through, the last thing he wanted or expected was for the Kronobot to come right back into his life. However, that is precisely what happens...
What would time travel look like? It's probably easy to imagine once you think about it. Now how to recreate that...
Sometimes it's just time to decide what it is you really do, and what it is you don't anymore. Focus, that's the name of the game. Or is it?
Well, this is it. The day I have decided to commence filming of my new version of "Created by me", about a guy creating a time traveling robot that then drives him out of his own life. Well, actually, I have decided to rename it to "TIMEBOTICS". Just sounds more alluring I'd say.
I put in the DVD containing the master of my first movie in my movie series I've been working on for the past 19 years, "Created By Me". I'm watching it on the home theater in the living room.
Technology has gone on steroids as far as its development is concerned. About a year ago Marzeus finally bought himself an HDV camera for his studio work, because high definition video had come in. But then of course, he needed the software to edit it with.
A while ago, Marzeus wondered what it would be like to make his voice available for other people's movies. So he went online and found ads posted by people who make videos who would like other people to be the voices for their characters.
Well, it is time - the time Marzeus knew would come. It is the day that Wolverine will play in the video Marzeus is making.
Short obituary for Jerusalem Film Festival founder Lia van Leer
This article tells about the lives of children who live in the jungle wilderness away from the crowds and all facilities. here also told of a volunteer who wanted to serve da stay with the child in the forest jungle for a long time in order to educate the children of the jungle, and t...
Martin Scorsese has been both a critical and commercially successful director since the 1970s. In many ways he has epitomised post-modernism but in doing so he has changed things for so many future directors (such as Quentin Tarantino and David. O Russell). He has brought a culture to...
So, now in our story, Tjirpie is holding a concert at school, in the school hall. Well, we thought it would be great to film a lot of people one by one on a blue screen, and then build a virtual school hall set, and then superimpose them on it one by one until they form a crowd. So...
After the first film in 2011, now has come the second film is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Stephanie Elam's one-on-one with Lupita Nyongo unveils a frank movie star from a political background
How to shoot a fire scene. And how not to shoot a fire scene. Always remember that a fire has a direct influence on everything it comes into contact with, and that includes the surrounding environment for a pro-rata ratio of how big the fire is.
The weather looked good for a film shoot - no rain. But is rain all to look out for? Evidently there is an invisible force that can smack you right off your feet, that you never think about!
The movie EENDAG shall be a grand movie, but what can we expect will it be about?
Usually people ask me what EENDAG means. I can translate it literally, but today I'm going to tell you exactly what it means to me.
Film Cameras to Roll in St Monans Village in Fife Scotland.
how to write a great script by learning the essentials
With the decline of the film industry in the 1970 in an attempt to ring back some of its missing audience the film industry began to turn out some tawdry sex films, however one series stood out from the others, read on to find out which ones and why....
3D has been around for quite a while, read how it all started and where it is likely to go.
A look at the the Ealing film comedy’s of the 40s and 50s
What effect does violence in films have upon us? Will our children suffer? Why is it censored in the first place? Where did it all begin? This article discusses the history of censorship, and the grey areas of what is accepted in cinema.
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