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There's a rather newish place called Istanbul Kebap, a small shop that serves food. Saturday when we drove back from the Land Of The West and we ate in the city, Father got himself something small from there, just to try them out.
Our environment is a major determinant of our health status, a filthy environment is a true signal to the dangers of incessant health problem. Whereas a clean and green environment upholds safety and good health status to the inhabitant. Therefore it is pertinent for us to be wat...
In the great war millions upon millions died. But millions is just a number. Each person that died in that dreadful war has a story to tell.
In the 1800's Whitechapel was overcrowded and the places the poor lived in were some of the most infamous slums in London.
Want to make lots of money and get filthy rich then this article is for you. In this article I will share my ultimate gambling system, which if followed will make you a very, very large amount of money. Best of all my advice is free.
Have you heard of the Bucket & Sponge Principle? I first heard of this concept in a leadership class. Basically, if your sponge soaks up too much dirty water, the only solution is to toss out your waste water and start over. Read to learn more about this concept.
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