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In a way the times of today aren't that much different than they were some 80 years ago for many
Today the world including the United States so many individuals actually feel like they have crossed over into The Twilight Zone
How congress acted in a criminal fashion and enacted the greatest deception on the American public
How the Rothchild's gained great influence in our monetary system
The most severe financial crisis is looming right on the horizon.
Are public schools within the United states are continuing to fail our your and the nation. That is why National Economic Reform's Education Reform is so vital for the nations future.
Risk implies uncertainty of profits or danger of loss due to some unforeseen events in the future. An entrepreneur may encounter risks in every area or function of a business through proper preventive and corrective measures of risk management.
Parenting babies involves a lot of hassles. You have to give adequate time to baby. Nevertheless, you also need money to take care of baby needs and various medical expenses for the baby. Balancing these two aspects with perfection is a difficult thing for single mothers.
What will happen to you and your loved ones if you lose your job for a few months? What if you get into an accident that may prevent you from earning a living? Or what if some unexpected expenses come up. Do you have anything in place to make sure the bills continue to get paid and yo...
Lobbying can be divided into three different pathways : the optimisation of the economic activities, the social representation and the political representation. These three intertwined paths are extensively traversed in the course of a career.
The United States is on the verge of the greatest financial disaster in our history.
2015 is coming to a close very soon, and it has been interesting so far. The time I've had to think lately had my mind wandering to some strange places.
Since this past June, China's stock market has fallen greatly, losing around 30% of its value. China looks like it's headed for a massive economic crisis.
I already wrote about my assessment of 2014 but I sometimes like to look at the post to see how I was thinking and feeling at that point in time. The following is a look at my life at the end of 2003.
As I write this article and its sections, I think of George Samuel Clason's basic saving advice. Make smart decisions and get your purse to fattening. Although crisis points and all of that seem complicated, they are that simple. Make minuses into pluses and change water into wine. Th...
The United States continues to sit of the largest financial bubble that is about to burst that will send millions directly into the poor house.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
What is the future of money, and currency? In the future will we still use money, or will money be useless? The financial world is changing so quickly that we can hardly keep up with it. What will money look like in twenty years time, and will it even exist
Tips on how to secure your finance when dealing with debt. If you are struggling with repayment that has to do with various debt types such as credit cards, household bills, loans, mortgages, payday loans and other else, read these tips to helps you managing your finance.
Narendra Modi is unhappy about the financial management made by government and falling statics of economy in india. therefore he made the statement about it.
If the status quo in America remains the end of the line is going to be fast approaching.
Like the Titanic the United States is on a collision course toward disaster
What will happen when the dollar is no longer the worlds first currency.
A story about how unexpected mail can change your day.
When the Attorney General of the United States declared that he could not prosecute big banks because doing so would send shock waves through the economy, Bernie Sanders had heard enough.
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