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There was a challenge presented by a Church on facebook. The Church’s challenge suggested, ninety days to a healthier lifestyle, which included spiritual life, physical, health life and financial life. Since everyone could afford to boost their spiritual life, financial life and i...
Self-control and saving cash aren't always easy, however they are always possible.
A passion to advocate financial freedom gave birth to a community of advocates who are fueled with a dream
Financial Freedom starts with the effective management of debts.
Financial Freedom is a sought-after form of existence with the growing financial illnesses and slavery of the modern. Join me as I liberate myself from financial slavery
Some people don't budget because they figure there's nothing they could change about their lifestyle. That may be true in a few cases, but there are some considerations to look at before you dismiss budgeting altogether.
There is a lot of aversion toward mortgages due to sub prime crises, and foreclosures witnessed since 2007. But mortgages are the way to financial freedom, if used the right way.
A description on how one person found the elusive concept of financial solvency to be obtainable.
Some only wish for a well paying job, where they sit in air conditioned offices and work. But the question is, are you really working for yourself or for another person? It is best to understand some silent issues that people tend to ignore about 'patching' up finances with a little t...
Our day to day spending is really unpredictable and it is really hard to determine about our spending.
This article is about saving our online income which gives us financial freedom
This article is about financial independence for home makers, they must find out their talent and improve them
How to make money fast in the US is for residents of the US and North America as well as for all of you. Dare to make money online and you will achieve your aims.
As a lifelong recipient of the blessings of paying tithing, I testify to the goodness of God and his bounteous blessings to his children
Some business experts said, "If you want to become rich, you need to network with those who are rich or with those who can help you become rich." Many people spend their lives hanging out and networking with people that hold them back financially. I agree with the idea that network ma...
Do you or someone you know have a problem with money and finances? The following advice will allow you to free yourself from the bondage of debt so you can live life, and live it abundantly.
Do you need strategies for getting out of debt? I will provide you with seven of the best ways you can implement in getting out of debt
I've been financially hard-up for quite sometime because of my lousy financial management. i would like to share my personal insights to other people who might have suffered from the same situation.
Learn and understand option trading termologies. Read On..................
Like to understanding some credit terms & slogan. Read on..................
What do you have to bring to the bank for a loan application, what will the bank ask you to submit, etc. All questions are listed in the checklist below. Read On ...................
What and how to ask the bank for a business loan. Details are explained below.
What to know the termologies of the finance world, their shorten terms and meaning, the roles & duites of the different players within this industry, so that you can fully understand what your accountant is talking about. Read On ................
What is the one most common trading market that any new beginner investors / traders have to know ? What are exchanges primary functions and how does it operates ? All the answers can be found in the article. Read it NOW !
What, exactly, is the stock market ? How does a stock market operate ?
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