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This is my travel to Bethlehem and how I got re-connected to God
Sometime I think of life, like a little child lost in the fading light of the forest after being called home and no matter how I try I cannot find my way.
Peer pressure is a phenomenon that every adult today had experience, it is a time the youth need recognition and popularity, a time to make friends yield to their advises and ways of life. Parents must play their role in streaming and monitoring as they are the ones to correct th...
Paying close attention ~ to the guidelines and principles contained in The Creator's Book of Life and Love ~ is the primary key to obtaining and maintaining Good Success in Life.
I wrote this along time ago because I had lost myself to a society allowing myself to conform to there dictations of what norm was and was afraid to face there ridicule until I realized that was the norm to them may not be what the norm is. It is only there opinion and may not necessa...
This will be a jouney story and about gratitude and my spiritual growth. Primarily to express myself and hopefully if someone comes across it to give the some hope. I know my story is good and I want to b inspiring. If I can make a little cash awesome
This article is about finding our real talents. Each and every one is having our own talent and we must find it out.
” Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream won’t come true.” I don't want to be NUMBER ONE, I want to beTHE ONLY ONE.
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