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The Greatest Man that ever lived once made this bold proclamations: “I am THE WAY ~ THE TRUTH ~ and THE LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through Me. We can find this statement in The Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love in the Gospel of John ~ Chapter 14 ~...
Sometime I think of life, like a little child lost in the fading light of the forest after being called home and no matter how I try I cannot find my way.
Paying close attention ~ to the guidelines and principles contained in The Creator's Book of Life and Love ~ is the primary key to obtaining and maintaining Good Success in Life.
Ever stared a blank page in the face and decided it was worth the challenge? Ideas seem the currency of the writer, yet where do we get ideas from? Often it is the world around us that inspires, it causes the poet to write of its beauty and the philosopher to write about its wrongs, b...
I wrote these poems about dreaming, making a beginning, and finding inspiration. Believe, Dream, and Inspire.......these three words are what I have focused on in this article as I believe what we think about, with the help of what inspires us, is how we achieve and become.
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