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This is my travel to Bethlehem and how I got re-connected to God
No need to copy other people or be fashioned after and adapted to their external superficial customs. Instead be transformed by the entire renewal of your mind. Fix your attention on our Loving Creator. Be the original you were created to be ~ not some copy others may want you to b...
A young girl coming out of a dysfuntional, alcoholic home, looking for the peace that she so desperately needs. She finds strength and guidance through her grandmother. She is determined not to follow in her parents footsteps. She needed to find that better way.
I wrote "I Must Be Brave" after having to face down my fears and not let anyone see how afraid I was. I was imagining myself as both a human and wolf. I love dogs and wolves and sometimes imagine myself as a wolf. "Carry On" was written after the Boston Marathon bombing. I just...
An article going over the different stages of letting go. It is based on personal experience and is offered as helpful advice to others going through the same thing.
Love is an unrealizable promise. We all have been promised our soul mates. But can we find them in this crowd of 6 billion people. Another set of Random Rantings
As I read the fourth way for the fourth time...I understand so much more..I think I have grown and woken some
This will be a jouney story and about gratitude and my spiritual growth. Primarily to express myself and hopefully if someone comes across it to give the some hope. I know my story is good and I want to b inspiring. If I can make a little cash awesome
Are you grieving the loss of a loved one or parent.. I am.. and here's how I feel. Grieving Stinks!!!!!
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