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Way over in good ol' Cape Town, Elmarie's son Tinley is having a friend over. Oh the pleasures young children can have, playing together, so innocent, and noisy, and uninhibited. Little did they know that today was going to turn into the nightmare of the chopped-off finger.
Researchers of MIT media laboratory have developed a photo type finger device than can turn any text or book can be an Audio book. Now your finder can read the text or book with gadget.
When the low IQ people are jealous of others, they will comment on anything your wear, used, eat etc. Please do your own research.
There can be many ways to defeat writer´s block and this is certainly and excellent one to write a page on a given moment.
Wrist, finger and hand health can be improved and maintained with regular exercise. It only takes a few minutes each day and you don't need fancy exercise equipment. Strengthen your hands and increase flexibility by doing a few simple exercises.
The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square holds many treasures..paintings, sculptures...much to see So I have written this an ode to history or some such thing...some up in arms will be at what I write but as I have said so many what!!!
Every of us wants to be look smart with their best and loving smart phone but there are many problems with this tool of talking.
As we watch the leaves change from green to russet colours ,we know that Autumn is coming soon , when they have to let go it is when our loved ones get old and frail ...we too must let them go ....
Just shove a sharp stick in under your fingernail.
Now a days culprits are arranging hidden cameras in trial rooms of big maals and taking pictures of the ladies.
A King, who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances, said: My king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect, and no mistakes!
Most of the time we don't feel comfort writing, it's not our fault but choosing the wrong pen.
The fingers I see, long, pointed and soft, as a lotus flowers,distant memory fades and i recall those days.
I developed a lump and this is the story of what happened
It is a really good thing that God is watching out for me all the time. If He wasn't this time I would surely have lost some body parts that I've always been quite attached to.
For all the love, care and compassion I have received, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude. All I can say with assurance is I LOVE YOU TOO!!
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