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Real origin of Halloween and why Romans and the Catholic Church forbade part of these ancient celebrations.
We, as a nation, suffer from apathy, not caring much about those who would destroy this nation – anarchists! Read more:
The great fire of London of 1666 was aggravated by strong winds and buckets of water used to put out the fire
The Great Fire of London in 1966 laid way to the modernization of London. New fire resistant buildings were constructed and London became a thriving city.
The Great fire of London in 1666 was one of history's most notorious fires
Spring cleaning goes well beyond washing the walls and mopping the floors. Getting in, under and behind appliances and furniture is key when it comes to making your home smell fresh, and allergy and clutter free.
My reaction to the killings at the Aurora Movie theatre during the showing of The Dark Knight in 2012.
Camping in a glade in the countryside looking at the moon and stars and listening to nature.
What visions and stories we have in our dreams, whether awake or asleep! Wonderful!
A look at how determination can get us through any situation. Explores how perseverance can either help us face our fears or help us run straight past or straight through it
A new world is in progress but who will be chosen or choose to live there is in our hands. How we are now dictates our future.
Britain is still recovering from last weeks riots. I fear there will be more.....
this is what i experienced during the fire that razed our home. I will transcribe what I lost tomorrow. My arm hurts already
One should be cautious when decorating a Christmas tree. The risk of fire is not the only danger, kids and pets are at risk too.
One night in the life of a ten year old boy. The story of an air raid in 1941.
This is a short poem about a person (I don't know who) who speaks out his last words before Hell devours him.
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