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A day before Eid by Pakistan to India is heavy firing in Poonch sector Medhr. Pakistan on Sunday, the fourth day of the six checkpoints were targeted by the BSF. Medhr morning Mnkot sector has been firing from the Pakistani side. This is the 9th time in Pakistan this week Ceasefire w...
India tested its supersonic cruise missile BrahMos. It raised a lot of media interest and there was much speculation that this test would be a failure. However, the test firing went off smoothly.
When an employee does not follow the policies and procedures of the company, they can be fired. If they misbehave or steal, they can be fired. It's vital that one knows the correct procedure to follow to avoid a wrongful dismal suit at a later date.
A true story of getting fired from a career you truly love and how I survived it.
The CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the company. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales, etc, it all falls on the CEO’s shoulders.
Various tips on how Not to run a business, from a supermarket to a hotel concentrating on management and customer service
How to sensibly downsize your business without losing anything
~my father was a one-legged drunken roofer~when I was 12-years-old he passed out on a roof we were working on~he rolled off the edge~hung from the gutter~his prosthetic leg fell off~the customer fired us~
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