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When in India tours are operating Rikshaw tours in old Delhi for tourists, the package starts from rupees 1800.00, the complete 3 to 5 hours tour costs rupees 2500.00
First aid is the best aid in unforeseen circumstances. You may not be aware when something goes wrong on your life journey. Accidents have become very common in our modern fast lifestyle. A first aid kit should be your best companion at any time.
Hi well here is my first page, I am going to take you from the beginning. I will try and cover all the requirements of you as a helper,firstaider, and all the things you will be required to do to make a proper assessment. Following these short and I hope helpful tips, will reduce t...
It is not only a good idea to have a medicine box at home, it is a must. We must be prepared for the most common ailments by keeping some useful medicines and supplies at home because even minor illnesses can interrupt our everyday life. Here are some tips on having one.
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