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This page contains information about first aid treatment and the way to apply in case of serious injuries happens in the result of any accident.
First aid giving requires no degree or course in medical science, it can be given by anyone with a simple understanding of some common first aid tools. .
Any contact with a hot surface or a source of heat will cause a burn injury on the skin. However, hot water burns, commonly known as scalds, are deeper and healing is slower compared to burns suffered due to contact with dry heat. Scalding is one of the most common cases of second-deg...
First aid help to deal with Strokes. See the Symptoms of Strokes and the also see how to deal with the stokes.
Learn The Symptoms Of Insect Bites And Insect Stings And How To Deal With Them. Please Read On For More Important Information. These Tips Can Be Very Helpful.
External Bleeding Can Be A Serious Thing, Learn The Symptoms And How To Deal With External Bleeding, Please Keep Reading To Learn More.
Learn how to reduce headaches, toothache, aches from home
Hyperthermia, generally referred to as a heat stroke or sunstroke, is a condition which occurs when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can let out. It is the over-heating of the human body’s core temperature to highly dangerous levels. It is usually caused due to excessi...
Here are a few guidelines that can help you provide first aid to a person having an epileptic seizure.
Leading a daily life without any problem is the most vital. It has been observed that the daily life requires the active support not only from family members, colleagues and friends but also a few essential things which contribute to a great success to our life.
When Christmas is past and also New Year, there are many who have celebrated way too much and even too uproariously and January mostly brings a sad and dark aftermath, the trauma of which, often lingers for years in the lives of the survivors.
Guidelines to follow when a tourniquet is needed as first aid treatment:
Here are some important tips to know in order to prevent wound infection.
Between 4 and 6 months, babies have their body mature enough to eat other foods and can not be only milk without experiencing any alteration stomach.
All special care are few for our newborn and one of those special and delicate care that all moms should take into account are the first productions of clothes for their offspring.
n India road accidents are increasing due to rapid growth in infrastructure development like road widening etc. But victims are unable to getting proper first aid immediately due to statutory problems. Now supreme court removed all this risks in order to provide first aid to the injur...
Accidents take place at the most unforeseen moment. Hence, being ready with your kit can alter the course of matters.
Since majority of snake bites happen in a remote area, emergency medical help is hard to come by. Therefore it is crucial that there is someone in your group having proper first aid training to administer temporary treatment on the victim.
Precautions should be taken at all times, as we say. How about if something is actually bound to happen? Can you at any rate stop it? A fundamental knowledge in first aid can alter things instantly.
Blisters are painful and greatly affects our movement at work and at play. Find out its common causes, how to treat them the right way and its prevention.
My daughter who is leaving on a trip to Egypt was getting all kinds stuff ready for the trip this actually got me thinking about a kind of universal traveling checklist. Perhaps it would include some of these items...
Honey, a present from our friends the bees, is rich in natural nutrients and has been be used in a wealth of ways for thousands of years to keep you healthy and happy. Think Cleopatra with her milk and honey baths!
This Is What You Should Do In Case Of An Emergency: The treatment principles remain the same for any injury whether you gashed yourself open on a sharp rock, stick or a blade sliced you open: - try to control the bleeding as soon as possible.
Injuries the involved a broken bone or strained muscle or ligament will need to be immobilized in order to prevent further injury. Immediately after an accident, however, professional medical attention is not always available, making it necessary for non-professionals to provide firs...
Today's world we always get hurt somewhere or the other because its genuine but using first aid is the top priority required a must at any given time,Sometimes people think twice to get a first aid kit from the chemist because it costs they don't understand that sometime even if they ...
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