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What happens when the only person you trust betrays you?
The seventh (7th) part of an epic poetry in progress, inspired by a painting and true-to-life amazing actress who's career span more than 70 years over her celebrated life from 1902 to 1993.
This is the story of my first first boyfriend, I did not name him for emphasis. He is just referred to as him.
Sometimes at this time of year I think of her ten thousand miles away and a life time gone. And even though I am married and more happy than I ever believed I could be, I miss her...I miss her so much.
A fun sunny afternoon in the spring of 78. This is how I met my wife.
Mournful songs depicting haunting lyrics, emotions and dark words that touch you so profoundly that you know something serious has just transpired are the haunting songs with the perfect words masterfully set to music that permeates devoid visions, unrequited love, hopelessness and qu...
The story of love, the color of flowers. That silent place where the heart sings.
Being true to your self is one of the most important lessons we have to learn.Becoming self aware is never easy.
"Lemon cream cake with lashings of Walnut chips. Yummy! Too fattening for my liking, though I bet the baby will love it." She circled it with her red byro-pen, several times. At least THAT was decided. The only remaining problem was a model of some kind, to place over it.
The thoughts of an insecure little girl about her first boyfriend
One of the first poems I have written about my first girlfriend. A lot of subsequent poems about her are on this web site.
This is a poem about reflections of love that rise above
No matter how much material gain, fame or wealth that we get in this life, no one can ever be satisfied until God obtains first place in our lives. It does matter a lot. He does not want just a place, second, third or whatever, He wants FIRST PLACE
My first date, and I was so not ready for it! There I was on my first date. The worst part was that he was looking so handsome. And he was talking to me like he knew me for years.
I was certain that he knew about my secret love story, how could he not know that I loved him when the whole world knew it. The sky, the trees, the earth, my badminton racquet that I picked up when I knew it was his favorite game, and all my friends.
A relationship develops gradually… just like pregnancy! A relationship/love affair between two love birds is comparable to pregnancy.
I was young, naive and hopelessly in love at the time of writing. This letter embarrasses me so much when I re-read it some time later. It describes how a first crush can really ruin a teenage girl's heart (and smashes her sanity), especially when that boy is an absolute heartthrob, h...
Between 4 and 6 months, babies have their body mature enough to eat other foods and can not be only milk without experiencing any alteration stomach.
All special care are few for our newborn and one of those special and delicate care that all moms should take into account are the first productions of clothes for their offspring.
This is the last part of my heart story that came along with Westlife songs.
Westlife songs have been with me since my heart beat for the very first time. When they released their self-titled debut album I was in love. Fast forward to their second Greatest Hits, I am still in love.
This is the second part of my love story that was inspired by Westlife singles and album releases.
A poem about first love. The joy of of that love and the pain and longing when it's over.
A poem about a love from long, long ago and the memories she left me with.
A poem about a very special young lady, who allowed me the privilege of sharing her life if only for a short time.
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