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Water... There are times and places you want to see water, and times and places you don't!
This page is to make people aware about the steps taken by Government of India to overcome Jammu and Kashmir floods.
A school destroyed by the Flood of 2011 is finally being rebuilt. Ground was broken this past week for a new school which could open by the start of the 2015 school year.
What was left of a school destroyed by the Flood of 2011 is now gone. Now, the students, staff and parents look forward to the next step: building a new school.
Sometimes it is best to leave when danger looms, instead of facing it. Homes can be replaced when destroyed, but the loss of lives destroys families, and can never be replaced.
Demolition began this week at a local school destroyed by the Flood of 2011. This is the first step toward rebuilding and recovering from the devastating flood.
People weren't the only ones affected by the Flood of 2011. Pets had to find shelter, too. Two furry flood refugees stayed with us. This is the last in a series about the flood.
Helicopters swooped down to rescue people clinging to their roofs. Cars were submerged. Thousands of people were evacuated. This weekend marks the second anniversary of the Flood of 2011. Here's part one in a three-part series.
A small rural village is caught by surprise. A huge thunder storm brings a deluge of rain and floods the houses and streets.
A waterproof bag to the rescue! Save your day with the new innovation of Floody carbag. A bag that protects your car in just five easy steps.
With all this weird we are currently having I ask " Is Britain Sinking"?
The months of typhoon weather in the Philippines is here again. What preparations can we do during these rainy months?
The new generation of human races began from Noah after the great flood. From this generation, patriarchs and kings existed to lead the people. Also from this generation, major and minor prophets arrived for the purpose of spreading God’s words and commandments.
People have taken water that has solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels and thus facing the water borne and skin borne disease.
A smart consumer knows what the signs are of a flood damaged car.
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