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Natural disasters are not restricted to a country or climate, they happen worldwide. Some populations and countries are more prone to these disasters.
Water... There are times and places you want to see water, and times and places you don't!
Though a flood is a natural calamity, steps have been taken to prevent it. Dams and canals have been constructed at different places to regulate the flow of water. The Damodar Valley Corporation, the Mayurakshi projects ,the Kangsabati canal projec...
Hundreds of residents living in apartments in Nakheels's Palm Jumeirah buildings flooded with sea water. People are evacuated their buildings, other residents complain there is no assistance to them.
Pittsburgh has more than its share of haunted bridges possibly due to their deep history that dates them back to the 1880's, and many of them have had tragic events bestowed upon their steely transverse platform. Bridges are unquestionably one of the most captivating structures found ...
Sijo, Haiku, Senryu and Ninette have their own forms, they limit as well as enhance the imagery of poems.
It amazes me how some people take in a negative way what I write. The only thing I know is that it is In them and recognizing it they react. true psychology at its best...but there are those who see the wisdoms thank God.... If you have seen the new film Noah,,,hope this fits again...
What a wet winter it was, but not so cold in England. Is Spring arriving, or should we keep our woolies on? Can the weather man really know? Read on to find out more
A report issued by the American Association for the Advancement of Science warns that we are now at the tipping point of climate change. To fail to act immediately is to invite catastrophe.
The second week in January has been sort of rough in southeast Louisiana. We are water and that is what we are! Lakes, rivers, streams, canals, creeks, the Gulf, and the list goes on. Add a week of rain non-stop and everything becomes soaked, even you, if you live here that is.
Spiritual poetry. Mother Nature Speaks is poem that speaks the truth, so if you don't like the truth, then you must have the wrong page.
We hear so much about extreme weather that it almost seems to be becoming the norm. However, what we should be asking is, what causes it, how does it affect us and what can we do about it?
What was left of a school destroyed by the Flood of 2011 is now gone. Now, the students, staff and parents look forward to the next step: building a new school.
Having seen on the news the devastation caused by the Typhoon, I feel I must write about it. People have died, and are homeless, they have no food or water, and they need the help of the whole world. Read on to find out more about it.
Demolition began this week at a local school destroyed by the Flood of 2011. This is the first step toward rebuilding and recovering from the devastating flood.
Captain James Galiac Sananda talks about Climate Change and its ensuing peril and destruction that befalls humankind eventually. They from the stars are doing much to alleviate the worst effects of the abnormal weather patterns at this point in time. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The floods currently ravaging northern Colorado are nothing like we have ever seen before.
People weren't the only ones affected by the Flood of 2011. Pets had to find shelter, too. Two furry flood refugees stayed with us. This is the last in a series about the flood.
Volunteers cleaned up muddy houses, sheltered homeless people and fed people with no food or electricity. Meet the real heroes of the Flood of 2011. This is the second in a three-part series.
Helicopters swooped down to rescue people clinging to their roofs. Cars were submerged. Thousands of people were evacuated. This weekend marks the second anniversary of the Flood of 2011. Here's part one in a three-part series.
The advantages and disadvantages of the rainy season in the Philippines
I just got back from a short trip to Medicine Hat in southern Alberta, the city was suffering from a flood at the time.
What happens when great floods occur and the great starships are called upon?! – Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Fierce rains washed away many things, but the tree I loved watching resisted to stand on its roots.
The population of the world is increasing rapidly to which India is contributing about seven millions.
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