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Why call your town a town or a village, when city shall do? But don't just start calling it a city; make a huge party out of it! And then, take the money and go see what America has to offer the soul, the body, and the curiosity.
I've always wanted to live in a beachy, sea-side town and now I have finally realized my dream.
When the summer comes it’s time to take that summer vacation! The sun is shining and you can be sure to find a number of hot summer vacation destinations in Europe, the States and beyond. Here are a few of the great hot summer vacation destinations that you should consider visiting ...
Florida is popularly known as the "Sunshine State" for its pleasant and warm climate. It is a popular tourist destination and has something in store for everyone. Following are some of the well-known tourist attractions in Florida –
There are Burmese Pythons in Florida's Everglades National Park, and there is a group from the U.S. Geological Survey that are doing studies on how to kill them better. They want to kill them because they are eating threatened and endangered mammals that share living space with the p...
If you are ready to move forward with the purchase of real estate, then there are a few things to know that can aid your experience.
I'm certain many of us possess at some time or even an additional attempted to understand the language nevertheless threw in the towel whenever this obtained.
The Emerald Coast is a great place to go on vacation in Florida. I was there recently on business and loved it.
High profile real estate and business sites like Zillow and Forbes claim that haunted homes nationwide have been grabbing the attention of prospective buyers rather than scaring them off. In fact, sixty-two percent of home buyers say they are open to buying a haunted home, and 35 perc...
Robert the Doll is one of those Possessed Toys that Can Haunt, Curse, Attack, and Torment You.
Palm Beach, in southern Florida is located on the 16-mile long Palm Beach Island with the Intracoastal Waterway separating it from the city of West Palm Beach. The two communities are connected by the Royal Park and Flagler Memorial bridges. Palm Beach itself offers the visitor the ...
The top ten haunted houses that Zillow has chosen are notorious for their reports of ghostly activity, strange occurrences, beautiful architecture and they possess the power to creep out even the strongest of minds when it comes to those that have a hard time digesting paranormal acti...
Many times we learn from experience how to avoid bad investments. This story is about a valuable lesson learned from a real estate partnership.
The sad new found reality in today's economy for the United States.
State legislators continue to thwart legislation that would make green energy affordable for all.
I can see him walking down the beach with his device...I wonder if he has ever found anything valuable.
Florida restaurants begin charging diners a 1% surcharge to cover future costs of health care for their employees.
Enlisted widows have paid a large price supporting their spouses as they moved from base to base in the military. Pray for these 300 widows at the AFEV:
My experience on a typical Florida winter day soaking in the sounds, feelings and love of living in South Florida.
Over a thousand dolphins have died in 2013 infected by a virus present in the waters of the east coast of the United States, from New York to Florida, revealed a maritime biologist.
Why solar power is still not affordable in the state of Florida.
On the Emerald Coast of Florida, a man is making a difference one at a time with youth that are on a path to destruction.
I was looking for a church to worship in while I was on temporary duty in Florida. What I found was surprising.
The Emerald Coast of Florida is a wonderful place to spend time...especially in the summer months.
Florida is full of many opportunities of places to see and things to do. Miami is a favorite of many. Here are three great places to see while visiting Miami Florida.
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