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I love the garden, the smell of wet sod filled of life, the white picket fence and the gate open wide to the color inside.
There's nothing quite like a beautiful flower garden. Planting flowers and helping them thrive and grow over the seasons can connect you to the cycle of nature in a way few other hobbies will.
The sun peeps over hilltops then shines through nearby trees, There’s not much can beat a summer’s day, not days like these,
As usual I go on my morning walk and meander through woods, hedgerows and fields in summertime.
Squeezing through a gap in a concrete fence I am back in the fields where my friends and myself played as children. Things have changed it is overrun left to rot or has it always been like that? Did we see things through different eyes many years ago?
I love the tiny blue flower of the Forget Me Not ... so delicate and beautiful ...and from my love of that tiny beautiful flower has come this poem ....
Long before time winter covered all the world. A beautiful winter queen ruled, all was cold, all was white.
Many years ago my wife and I lived by a beautiful lake in the Northamptonshire countryside. The lake had a path around it and the walk took about half an hour. There were many lovely woods and meadows around this lake and we made a friend with a duck who only had one eye and my wife c...
A Night in the Wood. Girls in green with white faces, reflected lamplight and their own sweet charm, men stared in awe. And archers fired their flaming arrows into a still pond like stars had fallen from the dark sky,
A snapshot of a man who is stranded a long way away from where he wants to be. He dreams of going home.
About a man who went to mow a meadow, It was a beautiful summer day and it was a joy not a chore.
A old soldier lays on his bed it is his last day. The memories of his wonderful life return.
On a clear blue summer day two friends take a walk in the hills. The scenes are beautiful the day fragrent.
Many years ago in Bethnal Green the house gardens would be open for all. People wandered about from garden to garden and maybe buy a flower or two for a penny.
As winter turns to spring nature protects all and puts a curtain of thorns and nettles to protect the young. When it is all in place she opens her veils to show the beauty of her hard work.
Deep in a dark woods a dirty pool of water and the quietness of the woods give the place a scary look. But all changes when the sun shines.
As the year moves away from a bitter winter a young man walks through the country. Everything he touches begins to grow. Meet Mr. Spring.
This poem is about a day in May, where meadows are like a beautiful canvas of color.
If you read others and comment life becomes that much more meaningfulAs both the reader and commentator lend flowery music to melodious poetry This you can see if you read this one carefully Inspired by Terry
When ever I see imagination flowering words emanate One such small example outstretched
The flowers of the forest go to a show in a clearing of a forest. Some of the flowers are stars of the show.
August is seen as a man watching his world garden grow into a beautiful scene. At the end August blows a kiss to the foxglove.
Asia's biggest Tulip flower garden Siraj Bhag,near Dal lake at Kashmir in India, in April Tulip flower festival celebrate for 7 days with 60 varieties of color tulip flowers
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